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Furman University has a pretty solid Division I-AA football program (Heck, they lost at South Carolina this season by just five more points than Alabama did). Still, you'd probably never know, or have possibly never even heard of the university located in Greenville, South Carolina.

Barring a major upset win against a football powerhouse like Applachian State had over Michigan in 2007, you're not going to hear much sports talk in regards to the Paladins(their mascot).

Well Furman, here you are getting mentioned in a blog post that will reach maybe even 15 readers! Unfortunately, it's only because one of your football players stole a case of beer from a Wal-Mart... probably not the publicity you were looking for:

Ryan Lee, Furman's junior offensive lineman, was arrested just after 1 a.m. after a Travelers Rest police officer said he saw Lee running out of the local Wal-Mart with a stolen case of beer .Furman head coach Bobby Lamb announced Sunday evening that Lee has been suspended from the football team for the remainder of the school year.

Lee was released from jail on bond, and Furman will look into whether or not they will let him return to the team for his senior season in 2011.

My opinion? Let the dude back on the team for the 2011 season. He was punished enough with the arrest and suspension, all for stealing $10 worth of booze so that he could get drunk, just like probably 80% of college students were this past weekend.

His main mistake was not using his college athlete status to get free alcohol without having to try to steal it. Just go to a party, dude. You're a college offensive lineman. Push the freshman McLovins out of the way and make your way to the keg.

Additionally, why aren't you rolling with the rest of the players at the bar or parties? The chicks flock to the college athletes. Your face can look like it was beaten with a shovel and you can still pull in some of the hottest ladies on campus, just because you're a college football player. You're not the quarterback? Who cares? Roll with him and the hot sorority girls will use you as a way to meet him. There's just not a single good reason for a college football player to have go to a Wal-Mart, alone, at 1 AM on a Saturday night/Sunday morning to get alcohol. It shouldn't be that difficult to acquire some for free if that's the main concern, and you can potentially reel in some hotties in the process. It's a win/win.

Furthermore, why the hell would you try to steal beer from a Wal-Mart? There's a billion security cameras in that store. I've never shoplifted in my life, but if I were dumb enough to try to steal alcohol, I'd probably go to some hole-in-the-wall liquor store with only a senior citizen or confused foreigner running the joint. Every town has them. Come on man!

Anyway, Lee will surely learn his lesson and should be reinstated to the football program next season.

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