Jeff Fisher Just Drove Thousands Of Fantasy Football Owners Mad | Sharapova's Thigh

Jeff Fisher must have Chris Johnson on his fantasy team.

With under two minutes left in a game the Titans led 23-3 over the Jaguars in Jacksonville, it seemed there was nothing left to pay attention to. The Titans possessed the ball, and the Jaguars had more or less already given up on this game in the previous minutes. The fans were booing their Jaguars for having such conservative offense play-calls during the fourth quarter, as the Jaguars just looked like they wanted to move on to week seven. For all intents and purposes, this game was over.

Not to Titans' head coach Jeff Fisher, apparently. The Titans had the ball on the Jaguars' 35-yard line, and rather than just punt and let the Jaguars run out the clock, Fisher opted to go for it. I understand his, "Punting makes a minimal difference at that position of the field" thinking, but not when it's a 20-point game with under two minutes to go. Just punt the ball away and walk out with your impressive victory.

What made it worse is instead of just putting in a backup running back like Javon Ringer to get what was basically a worthless carry, Fisher chose to go for it with his All-Pro, and the consensus top pick in fantasy football this year, Chris Johnson. So while it appeared everybody's fantasy football games had been decided already, here we are with Johnson getting a carry against a defeated Jaguars defense. And sure enough, CJ2K took it to the house, adding 10 points(in most league formats) to his fantasy owners' score:

Personally, I love what happened... since I won a fantasy game that I would've lost had Johnson not gotten that carry. Thanks coach!

As for the fantasy owners that lost their game because of the touchdown, well, they are understandably quite furious at Fisher.

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