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I have the power... rankings!

Yeah, my personal NFL power rankings. In case there weren't enough websites that did these rankings that really give us nothing but some discussion value, a blog that's named after a woman's thigh is taking a stab at it. Aren't you excited?

I knew you were, so I'll just shut up and let you see these power rankings now:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers(3-1)- They're 3-1 with Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch as the quarterbacks. Their only loss came by three points to the Ravens. They probably don't lose that game if Roethlisberger is playing, like he will be this week against the Browns.

2. Baltimore Ravens(4-1)- Impressive wins on the road over the Jets and Steelers, and they finally got Ray Rice going in week five(27 carries, 133 yards, 2 touchdowns). They just need some consistency from Joe Flacco, but he's played much better over the last three games(4 touchdowns, 1 interception) compared to the first two(1 touchdown, 5 interceptions).

3. New York Jets(4-1)- Huge win over the Vikings. Like the Steelers, their only loss came to the Ravens. Santonio Holmes was targeted nine times in his first game. He should provide a nice boost to their passing attack.

4. Atlanta Falcons(4-1)- Not playing as well as they're capable of, and are still 4-1. Once they really get it going, they could be a force, and they have a pretty weak schedule the rest of the way.

5. Indianapolis Colts(3-2)- Peyton looked shaky(26-44, 244 yards, 0 touchdowns, 1 interception) in their 19-9 win over the Chiefs. But let's be real- He'll be just fine.

6. New England Patriots(3-1)- Is their offense better off without Randy Moss? Of course not. Does that mean their offense won't put up a ton of points still? Of course not. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady will be able to make about any NFL-caliber wide receiver look good. It will be interesting to see what Deion Branch has left, but I have a feeling he's going to surprise the doubters and be a solid piece in this offense.

7. New York Giants(3-2)- Over the last two weeks, they looked nothing like the crappy team we saw through week three. They absolutely dominated two good teams(Bears and Texans), and showed why they can be the most complete team in the NFC. It will be interesting to see which Giants team we get the rest of the way.

8. Chicago Bears(4-1)- Thankfully for them, they were playing the Panthers considering how Todd Collins played(6-16, 32 yards, 0 touchdowns, 4 interceptions). Jay Cutler(concussion) is expected to return this week, and the Bears could really help their playoff chances over their next four games(vs. Seattle, vs. Washington, @ Buffalo, vs. Minnesota).

9. Green Bay Packers(3-2)- Injuries are absolutely killing them. It will be interesting to see if they can overcome the injuries, but their running game really looks like it's going to be an issue all year. They need to get Greg Jennings going in the passing game, especially with tight end Jermichael Finley out 3-6 weeks.

10. Washington Redskins(3-2)- Gritty wins over the Eagles and Packers. If they can knock off the Colts Sunday night, we'll know for sure that this is one of the top NFC contenders.

11. Tennessee Titans(3-2)- Nice win at Dallas, and have a winning record with Chris Johnson "only" averaging 4.3 yards per carry. Vince Young's making some big throws and should open up some running lanes for Johnson.

12. Kansas City Chiefs(3-1)- What was head coach Todd Haley thinking against the Colts? The Chiefs were 3-0 going into the game, and he calls for an onside kick to open up the game? Then they're down 3-0 in the first quarter, and he chooses to go for it on 4th and 2 in the red zone instead of just take the field goal to tie it? Both choices of course failed, and ended up being very important plays in their 19-9 loss. Show some belief in your undefeated team to just get it done without getting all cute and fancy.

13. Philadelphia Eagles(3-2)- Kevin Kolb played great in their Sunday night win in San Francisco, and showed us that the Eagles indeed have two very capable quarterbacks once Mike Vick returns. Their schedule looks brutal the rest of the way though: vs. Atlanta, @ Tennessee, vs. Indianapolis, @ Washington, vs. New York Giants, @ Chicago, vs. Houston, @ Dallas, @ New York Giants, vs. Minnesota, and vs. Dallas. Yikes!

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-1)- Who are they really? I still can't decide. But we do know that they're 3-1, and their win at Cincinnati was impressive. Second-year quarterback Josh Freeman really looks like he could be a good one.

15. Houston Texans(3-2)- From beating the Colts and Redskins, to being thumped at home by the Cowboys and Giants. Their horrible pass defense has been exposed, and they're going to be a very up and down team until they get some improved play there.

16. New Orleans Saints(3-2)- They have a winning record through five games and are the defending champions that returned most of their key players. So why have them all the way down here? Well, they haven't impressed me one bit this year.

Their win over Minnesota to start the year? They didn't play very well, and we're seeing that Minnesota team isn't a world beater anyway. They won by just three at what's still a winless San Francisco team, lost at home to the Falcons, beat Jimmy Clausen and a -horrible- Carolina team by just two points at home(Todd Collins had one of the worst games in the history of quarterbacks, on the road, and the Bears were still able to win by 17 points against the Panthers), and lost by 10 to a Cardinals team that started an undrafted rookie free agent(Max Hall) at quarterback.

They're capable of righting the ship, especially when running backs Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush return from injuries, but they have some serious issues(like kicker? Cut Garrett Hartley; signed John Carney; cut John Carney; signed Garrett Hartley), and are currently nowhere close to the team they were last year.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars(3-2)- David Garrard ranks 28th in the NFL in passing yards per game(157.8), yet is tied for third in the NFL in passing touchdowns(9). Talk about making the most out of your yards.

18. Minnesota Vikings(1-3)- I only have them this high because they have the talent to be much, much better. But man, they have so many damn distractions going on right now(I think you can guess one of them), and on the playing field have been average at best across the board. Even their run defense, which ranked in the top-two of the NFL in each of the last four years, looks questionable after allowing 155 yards to the Jets on Monday night.

19. San Diego Chargers(2-3)- The absence of Vincent Jackson isn't the problem. Malcolm Floyd is third in the NFL in receiving yards(498), and Antonio Gates is playing out of his mind(29 receptions, 478 yards, 7 touchdowns). Philip Rivers' 105.4 quarterback rating is better than his 104.4 mark in 2009.

20. Miami Dolphins(2-2)- Coming off of a bye, we'll see if their new special teams coach makes a difference after their last one was fired following their embarrassing game in week four against the Patriots.

21. Dallas Cowboys(1-3)- As usual, they came into the season highly overrated. If they lose at home Sunday to the Vikings, you might as well stick a fork in them.

22. Denver Broncos(2-3)- Their passing game has been terrific, ranking second in the NFL. Their running game on the other hand, well, it ranks last in the NFL. They're averaging an abysmal 2.3 yards per carry. So yeah, it's safe to say they're praying that Knowshon Moreno will be good to go in week six after missing the last three games with a hamstring injury.

23. Cincinnati Bengals(2-3)- They're playing some ugly football. That's really all there is to say.

24. Arizona Cardinals(3-2)- I just have a hard time believing in a team that's starting an undrafted rookie quarterback. Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower better do a great job on the ground, otherwise this offense could get ugly. Thankfully for the Cardinals, they're in the NFC West, so it won't take much to win some games.

25. Detroit Lions(1-4)- Finally, a win for the Lions, and by 38 points even. I really think they're going to upset a very good team or two this year.

26. Oakland Raiders(2-3)- Nice win for the Raiders against the Chargers in week five, after a heartbreaking loss against the Cardinals in week four. Don't count them out of an AFC West division that nobody's going to run away with.

27. St. Louis Rams(2-3)- They took a beatdown from what had been a winless Lions team, but it's a young team featuring a rookie quarterback that's going to have such games here and there. Losing wide receiver Mark Clayton to a season-ending knee injury really hurts, as he and Bradford had a great connection going.

28. Seattle Seahawks(2-2)- They've looked great in their two games at home, and horrible in their two games on the road. I mean, they lost 20-3 on the road to a Rams team that just lost 44-6 to the Lions. They rank 29th in the NFL in rushing, and we'll see if newly acquired Marshawn Lynch makes a difference there.

29. San Francisco 49ers(0-5)- Patrick Willis... Vernon Davis... Frank Gore... Michael Crabtree... Nate Clements... the 49ers can't really be this bad, can they? They have some winnable games coming up, and if they can take advantage of those, they're amazingly still alive in what I think is the worst division in NFL history.

30. Cleveland Browns(1-4)- Colt McCoy could be starting this week in Pittsburgh? Hide the children.

31. Carolina Panthers(0-5)- After watching the entirety of their game against the Bears, I can't believe I don't have them last. That could easily change soon. Jimmy Clausen looks God awful. If he stays at quarterback(and he might as well because they're not going anywhere anyway), I'll be surprised if they win over two games.

32. Buffalo Bills(0-5)- Um... seriously, what are they doing? I mean, besides losing miserably, of course.

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