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NFL Week 7 Power Rankings

Posted by Matt Clapp | 10/19/2010 09:48:00 PM | , , , ,

1. Pittsburgh Steelers(4-1; Last Week #1)- Big Ben looked great in his season debut, and that's bad news for the rest of the league.

2. New York Jets(5-1; Last Week #3)- Five straight wins, with their last one being in a difficult environment at Denver. A terrific run game to go with a terrific defense is a tough combo to beat.

3. New England Patriots(4-1; Last Week #6)- Randy who? Deion Branch looked like he never left New England, catching nine passes for 98 yards and a touchdown in the Patriots' victory over a very good Ravens team.

4. Baltimore Ravens(4-2; Last Week #2)- An overtime loss at New England is nothing to be ashamed about.

5. Indianapolis Colts(4-2; Last Week #5)- Beat a solid Redskins team in Washington on a Sunday night. Peyton's thrown for 13 touchdowns, just two interceptions, and 1,916 yards; no big deal.

6. New York Giants(4-2; Last Week #7)- Three straight wins after people were writing them off. Play very solid football all-around right now. Now they can officially take the Cowboys out of NFC East contention, as they play the rivals from Dallas in two of the next three games.

7. New Orleans Saints(4-2; Last Week #16)- Finally, the Saints looked like the Saints of 2009... but who would've thought it would be thanks to running back Chris Ivory? Ivory may be just what the Saints needed as they wait for Pierre Thomas and Reggie Bush to recover.

8. Tennessee Titans(4-2; Last Week #11)- Absolutely dominated on the road in Monday Night Football. I don't care who the opponent is, that's not easy.

9. Philadelphia Eagles(4-2; Last Week #13)- Whether it's Kevin Kolb or Michael Vick running the offense, the Eagles are in good shape. Nice "dilemma" to have.

10. Atlanta Falcons(4-2; Last Week #4)- Didn't play well in their loss at Philly, but they've had four of six games on the road, and are 4-2. They could go on a very nice run.

11. Houston Texans(4-2; Last Week #15)- You just have to wonder how long they can maintain a winning record with that defense, especially after losing star linebacker DeMeco Ryans for the season.

12. Chicago Bears(4-2; Last Week #8)- Worst offensive line in the NFL. If Jay Cutler makes it through the season alive, that's quite an achievement.

13. Kansas City Chiefs(3-2; Last Week #13)- Still hard to get a good read on this team. I do know this though: Jamaal Charles needs to get the damn ball more.

14. Miami Dolphins(3-2; Last Week #20)- Great win at Green Bay. However, it's going to be tough for them to hang in the AFC East race over their next five games: vs. Pittsburgh, at Cincinnati, at Baltimore, vs. Tennessee, and vs. Chicago.

15. Washington Redskins(3-3; Last Week #10)- Lost at home against the Colts, but we won't penalize them too much for that. Now they have a tough game at the fellow NFC-contending Chicago Bears.

16. Green Bay Packers(3-3; Last Week #9)- It's really starting to look like they're going to have a major struggle in overcoming the injuries. The good news is they're in the NFC North, where it looks like nine wins or so could win the division.

17. Minnesota Vikings(2-3; Last Week #18)- After a drama-filled six weeks, they have a chance to be 3-3 and right in the thick of the NFC North race if they can beat the Packers Sunday in Green Bay.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-2; Last Week #14)- Like the Saints looked more like the 2009 Saints in this game, the Bucs looked more like the 2009 Bucs.

19. Cincinnati Bengals(2-3; Last Week #23)- They didn't play, and moved four spots up in my rankings. That's only because of how bad some teams that were ranked ahead of them looked.

20. St. Louis Rams(3-3; Last Week #27)- Sam Bradford has this team looking pretty decent. That was a great win over a more talented Chargers team at home, and in an NFC West division with no clearly good teams, why not the Rams for the NFC West crown?

21. San Diego Chargers(2-4; Last Week #19)- Weirdest stat in NFL: The Chargers have both the top-ranked offense and defense in the NFL, yet are 2-4. That's mainly thanks to crappy coaching from Norv Turner and bad special teams play. But still, you'd have to think they start putting some wins together, especially against the mediocre-to-bad teams in their division.

22. Arizona Cardinals(3-2; Last Week #24)- They have a winning record and won their last game impressively against the Saints, but I'm still not sold on them with Max Hall at quarterback. I like the rest of their team, but we'll see.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars(3-3; Last Week #17)- Embarrasing game on Monday night at home against the Titans.

24. Denver Broncos(2-4; Last Week #22)- Played the Jets(who own the league's best record) tough at home, and they've had a rough schedule through six games. Every game remaining on the schedule appears winnable for them, so they can still make some noise in the AFC West.
25. Seattle Seahawks(3-2; Last Week #28)- Finally played a good game on the road in their victory over the Bears. It felt like the Bears lost that game though more than the Seahawks won it. Regardless, Marshawn Lynch looked really good and should improve their running game.

26. Dallas Cowboys(1-4; Last Week #22)- What a mess.

27. Oakland Raiders(2-4; Last Week #26)- This team needs Darren McFadden to return and make him and Michael Bush the clear focus of the offense, because Bruce Gradkowski/Jason Campbell isn't going to be good enough.

28. San Francisco 49ers(1-5; Last Week #29)- Finally got a win. Now they need to get another one against a horrible Panthers team.

29. Detroit Lions(1-5; Last Week #25)- A +6 point differential, and moral victory after moral victory. But they have to start getting ACTUAL victories. Matthew Stafford is set to return after their week seven bye, but Shaun Hill really hasn't been that bad either.

30. Cleveland Browns(1-5; Last Week #30)- Colt McCoy actually looked pretty decent on the road against a terrific Steelers defense. That was quite a shock to me. The Browns might have something there... but don't expect it to show up in many wins this year.
31. Carolina Panthers(0-5; Last Week #31 )- The good news: They didn't lose in week six. The bad news: They didn't play in week six.

32. Buffalo Bills(0-5; Last Week #32)- The good news: They didn't lose in week six. The bad news: They didn't play in week six.

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