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RateBeer.Com is a site where people rate and review beer, as you were likely/hopefully able to gather by the site's name. They compiled a list of the 50 worst beers in the world, as rated by their thousands of users(And as somebody that has visited the site frequently, I can assure you that these are some very knowledgeable beer fans).

The worst-rated beer on the site is Olde English 800 3.2(regular Olde English 800 ranks 41st-worst) which shouldn't be much of a surprise to anybody that's had it. It's a malt liquor, but "piss" would be a much better way to describe it.

The rest of the "bottom 10" are Natty Ice, Natty Light, Milwaukee's Best, Michelob Ultra, Sleeman Clear, Budweiser Select 55, Coors Aspen Edge, Bud Light Chelada, and Busch Ice.

Here's the rest of RateBeer's 50 worst beers:

50 Worst Beers

You disagree with Olde English being the worst, or any of the other ratings?

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