Redbox Offering Video Game Rentals Nationwide | Sharapova's Thigh

Surely most of you have taken advantage of a Redbox kiosk to rent new movies for $1. I see them at about every grocery store or McDonald's I go to these days.

Additionally, Blockbusters are going out of business left and right(just had one closed down in my town over the last few months... probably in large part because there's two Redbox kiosks located in the same parking lot). And unless you subscribe to Gamefly for a monthly charge of $15.95, there haven't been many other ways to rent video games.

So it's awesome to hear that Redbox will now have video game selections to rent at a cost of just $2 per day at many of their kiosks across the nation:

The company, which has been running a limited test of game rentals, is substantially expanding the experiment, adding game rentals to thousands of its self-service kiosks in the West, Midwest and Atlantic coast.

Redbox began experimenting with video game rentals in August 2009, adding them to select locations in Reno, Nevada and Wilmington, NC. That test expanded to Orlando and Austin earlier this year. But with this step, the company will bring games to roughly 40 markets and "a few thousand" of its 24,000 locations nationwide, according to a spokesperson.

Rentals will cost $2 per day - versus the company's $1 per day rate for DVDs. Games will be available for the Wii, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as well as the Nintendo DS.


This should prove to be a VERY wise business move for Redbox, and is great news for gamers.

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