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On Twitter, you'll find many fake accounts of celebrities and athletes. Usually the users will make it fully aware that they're not the real person that their account may imply(Ex. VeryFakeAlDavis), but here and there you'll find some douchebags that think it's cool to actually pose as a famous person.

That's the case with some dickhead using the Twitter account @TimJennings26, which they are leading you to believe is the Twitter account for Tim Jennings, a starting cornerback for the Chicago Bears. Well, it's definitely not the real Tim Jennings.

Chris Harris, a starting safety for the Bears who happened to intercept Brett Favre's last pass yesterday, called the Jennings impostor out last night on Twitter:

@ChrisHarrisNFL: Just got a text from Tim Jennings and he said that's not him on twitter so @TimJennings26 is not the real tim jennings. He's a fake.

@ChrisHarrisNFL: Why r u impersonating Tim. Get a Life. RT @TimJennings26: Thank you all Shout Out to @Jknox13 and @DbagUoR Follow Them To!!!!

@ChrisHarrisNFL: I mean really. How Lame is it to try to b someone else RT @TimJennings26: RT @TrendsChicago: Tim Jennings, @timjennings26 is now trending in #Chicago

@ChrisHarrisNFL: Ur not verified u don't have a blue check. N Time just text me to say he's not on twitter. Once again ur lame for that RT @TimJennings26: @ChrisHarrisNFL How do i get my account verified

@ChrisHarrisNFL: Bc I don't want people to really think its him. No telling what he might say. Mistaken identity isn't good RT @LalaSim2012: @ChrisHarrisNFL if it's so lame then why pay it any mind? #whywasteyourtime
Link(Chris Harris' Twitter)

Harris then got a video of Jennings, who has a few words for the fake Jennings:

Agreed; get a life impostors. And yes, Jennings holding a Big Mac box during that made me laugh.

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