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Ray Rice Explains Cop/Autograph Tweets(Updated)

Posted by Matt Clapp | 11/11/2010 01:15:00 PM | , ,

Originally Published November 9th

Yesterday we told you of Ray Rice's tweets about how a cop pulled him over for having tinted windows on his car, and how the cop let him go without getting a ticket in exchange(so it appeared from Rice's tweet) for an autograph.

Today, Rice explained what he meant by the tweets, admitted he made a mistake by saying what he did in the tweets, and said that he's learned his lesson:
"I don't want to make it seem like I was getting any [special] treatment by an officer," Rice said Tuesday in the Ravens locker room. "He was doing his job."

Rice was stopped in a parking lot on his way to buy the new "Call of Duty: Black Ops" video game. Rice said he wasn't aware of the state law, and that he didn't offer his autograph to the officer until after he'd been given a warning.

"I didn't realize they were illegal until they pulled me over," Rice said. "He gave me a warning to get it fixed. I didn't have anything outstanding or nothing wrong with my plates. As I'm walking to the store, the cop said his son is a big fan. I took it upon myself to offer him an autograph to his son. That was after the warning. It was bad decision by me wording it on Twitter."

Rice suggested he learned at least one lesson from the whole affair.

"I definitely won't make that decision (to put) it on Twitter again," he said.

I buy that explanation, and Rice clearly learned his lesson about what you can/can't say on Twitter as a celebrity. So let's move past that, and I hope that the league doesn't fine Rice for his comments.

Now, as for the cop- Should he have given Rice a ticket, and is Baltimore County Police Department going to penalize(or even fire) him? This sort of stuff happens all the time(like with hot women and cops), but obviously the police department is not going to like all of the bad press this got them over the last day. The police department is still looking into the situation:

"We're still investigating this on our end," McCullough said. "We're still looking into it. … It's a personnel matter and we're looking into it."

So did the officer let Rice off with a warning because he plays for the Ravens? Not necessarily.

Maryland State Police spokesman Gregory M. Shipley said troopers typically give out warning and repair orders for the first offense, meaning that the owner is given some time to get the tint removed and then re-inspected.
It will be interesting to hear how all of that plays out, but it sounds to me like everybody should just move on.

H/T: Baltimore Sun

UPDATE(November 11)-

The cop will not be punished:

Police spokesman Lt. Robert McCullough says investigators determined Rice didn't get special treatment Monday and there was no quid pro quo for the autograph.

McCullough says the officer verbally warned Rice that the tint on his white Range Rover's windshield was darker than the law allows. It's not unusual for officers to issue warnings in such cases, allowing people to remove the tint and avoid a citation.

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