Terrell Owens Takes Shot At Donovan McNabb On Twitter | Sharapova's Thigh

The Terrell Owens-Donovan McNabb relationship has been well-documented over the years. To sum it up for any of you sports fans that have been in a cave for the last decade: They don't like each other.

After McNabb signed a ridiculous five-year, $78 million extension($40 million guaranteed) today, and then followed it up with a crappy performance in an absolutely embarrassing 59-28 loss at home to the Eagles on Monday Night Football, it gave T.O. some ammo to take a shot at McNabb. And with T.O. being the huge asshole that he is, he of course did that.

Via Terrell Owens' twitter:

It will be interesting to see if McNabb has a response, and I sure hope he does. There's a billion things you could say to T.O.


"Two words: Carson. Palmer."

"How much are you enjoying that 2-7 team? Oh yeah, you don't care about anybody but yourself."

"Why are you online? Don't you have some sit-ups to do in your driveway?"

"Does it feel good that a Bills team that has only beaten the Lions this season didn't even want you back?"

"You know that you cried about Tony Romo, right? TONY ROMO!"

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