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The Denver Broncos put 49-29 ass-whooping on the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday in Denver. Not only did the 20-point loss to a division rival surely frustrate Chiefs head coach Todd Haley, but so did Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels apparently.

Following the conclusion of the game, Haley refused to shake hands with McDaniels, said a few words angrily, and even waved a finger at the Broncos' second-year coach. McDaniels responded with some words, looking confused.

Asked about the incident, here's what Haley had to say to the media:
"That's a private time between head coaches that has become not so private, but the key I would say, probably the thing that you're asking about, is that I've been in this enough as an assistant coach, as a head coach now, to be in some of these games. And the important thing for me as a head coach is that our team continue to just play hard and play our hearts out and keep fighting until the end.

"Sometimes, you see indicators on the other side of where that team thinks the game is. We've been on the other side of this and we've been on this side of it and we've been ... again, let's just keep it at that.

Translation: He thinks the Broncos quit playing hard much earlier than they should've, and finds it disrespectful to his team and the game of football.

Coaches use every single second of a game to evaluate the team, even when the game is well "over" in reality, so if the Broncos just half-assed it for the last quarter or so, it could be difficult for the coach to assess how his team performed then. You like to find at least a few positives to come out of a horrible game like this, and Haley now might not know how legitimate the positive things his team did in the fourth quarter are if the Broncos didn't give it their all.

Still, I think Haley had bigger things to worry about after this performance than the opposing coach, like going down 35-0 to a team that came in with a record of 2-6! So, while this may have been a bit whiny and douchey on Haley's part, I still found it funny, because McDaniels is an arrogant, gigantic douchebag.

Here's video of the incident:

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