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Uh Oh: Cheryl Cole Farts?

Posted by Matt Clapp | 11/15/2010 01:44:00 AM | , , , , , ,

I have some stuff on one of our Thigh of the Week alums for you, which usually is something many of you love. Unfortunately, you're probably not going to like this.

It appears that Cheryl Cole may actually fart.

Now, I always used to assume/hope that attractive girls don't poop or fart, but I've been proven wrong time and time again. I hate it. How can I picture them hot if I picture that nastiness as well?

So, Cheryl's taken a slight hit on my hotness rankings after seeing this video of her on the UK television show The X Factor. Is this a fart? I hope you can prove to me that it's not, but her awkward pause during the fart sound seems to give it away:

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