Video: Cowboys' Bryan McCann's Wacky 97-Yard Punt Return TD Vs. Lions | Sharapova's Thigh

The Dallas Cowboys defeated the 35-19 Detroit Lions today at Cowboys Stadium, and the main highlight from the game came when the Cowboys were actually losing 12-7 in the third quarter.

The Lions' Nick Harris punted a ball that was headed into the end zone, but the Lions saved the ball from going into the end zone, and knocked it back to the three-yard line.

Small problem there: The ball was picked up by the Cowboys' Bryan McCann(not the Braves' catcher), and he incredibly ran the ball all the way back for a 97-yard touchdown. McCann wasn't even back to return the punt, as Dez Bryant is their returner.

But, the Lions are the Lions, and this play pretty much showed how things go for them.

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