Video: Derek Anderson FLIPS OUT At Reporter In Press Conference | Sharapova's Thigh

My very first YouTube video upload from my brand-spanking new Flip video camera(which I highly recommend putting on your holiday wish list if you don't have one)...

Quarterback Derek Anderson had a horrible game on Monday Night Football as his Arizona Cardinals lost 27-6, in embarrassing fashion at home to the San Francisco 49ers.

The cameras caught him laughing on the sidelines while they were getting blown out as well, and a reporter understandably asked him about that in the postgame press conference. Anderson didn't take the question very well, to say the least, and had a classic tirade:

And yes, it immediately reminded me of former Arizona Cardinals coach, Dennis Green, going off after they lost to the Bears on Monday Night Football a few years ago:

Which tirade do you like more? I'll go Dennis Green... but I also enjoyed it more than most did since I'm a Bears fan.

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