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(Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune)

Two Chicago Bears posts in a row- Yes, I'm a diehard Bears fan if you didn't know that already.

I also have a slight obsession(like most any Bears fan does) with Bears' wide receiver/punt returner/and now kick returner again, Devin Hester. Hester was back to return kicks yesterday against the Minnesota Vikings for the first time this season, after having four touchdowns in the role in 2006-07(and of course the touchdown on the '06 season Super Bowl opening kickoff).

The Bears had relieved Hester of the kick return duties to keep him fresher and more comfortable as a receiver, but he thinks he can handle both roles fine now:
"At one point I really tried to focus on receiver," Hester said. "I felt like I had the return game mastered down and I wanted to really focus on receiver. Now I'm feeling a little more comfortable at receiver, I can start back focusing on returns as well, maybe give me a chance to study them both."
Link(Chicago Tribune)

Hester had a 19-yard receiving touchdown, an electrifying 68-yard kick return, and a 42-yard punt return that is one of the most incredible returns I've ever seen him have, which is saying something.

Here's video of all three plays of Devin Hester being RIDICULOUS, as Bears' radio play-by-play man Jeff Joniak would say...

Devin Hester's 19-yard touchdown reception:

Devin Hester's 68-yard kick return:

Devin Hester's 42-yard punt return(Note: crappy video quality; I'll change it if I find a better video):

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