Week 11 NFL Power Rankings | Sharapova's Thigh

1. Philadelphia Eagles(6-3)- Michael. Vick.

2. New England Patriots(7-2)- After a horrible loss to the Browns in week nine, they came back with an outstanding win on the road in Pittsburgh. Tom Brady looked sensational.

3. Atlanta Falcons(7-2)- They easily could've lost, but they found a way to get the win over a very good Baltimore team. If they can get home-field advantage in the NFC, it's going to be really tough for teams to go in there and win. And with this remaining schedule, you have to like their chances to do so: at St. Louis, vs. Green Bay, at Tampa Bay, at Carolina, at Seattle, vs. New Orleans, and vs. Carolina.

4. New York Jets(7-2)- How the hell did they win that game? They lost to Green Bay 9-0 at home in week eight, miraculously beat a bad Lions team in week nine, and miraculously won against against the Browns team in week 10. But, here they are at 7-2, and with their defense and running game, they can beat anybody. The key to their team? Mark Sanchez not screwing it up, which he's already tried to do a few times.

5. Baltimore Ravens(6-3)- Heartbreaking loss at Atlanta.

6. Indianapolis Colts(6-3)- After seeing how damn good Michael Vick and the Eagles looked last night, the Colts' two-point loss at Philadelphia in week nine doesn't look so bad. They just need to get healthy. With Peyton Manning, they're always a threat.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers(6-3)- Yikes, that was not a pretty performance on Sunday night. Granted, it was against the Patriots, and Tom Brady was on top of his game, but they're showing some holes. But their run defense is still the best in the NFL, and they host a Raiders team that relies on the run in week 11, then face a 1-8 Bills team. So, they should be able to go into their huge week 13 game at Baltimore with some momentum and an 8-3 record.

8. New York Giants(6-3)- They were absolutely dominated by the Cowboys at home. I'm still stunned. Now they play Michael Vick and the Eagles for first place in the NFC East. A week ago I would've really liked their chances, but not as much anymore after what we saw from them against the Cowboys, and what we saw from the Eagles last night against the Redskins.

9. Green Bay Packers(6-3)- Three straight impressive wins before their bye week, but the Bears are now tied with them for first place. They need to go into Minnesota this week and come out with a win, with their following game sure to be tough in Atlanta.

10. New Orleans Saints(6-3)- People seem to be forgetting about the defending champs. Here they are at 6-3, and they will be favored in their next four games: vs. Seattle, at Dallas, at Cincinnati, and vs. St. Louis.

11. Chicago Bears(6-3)- Their offensive line finally seems to be coming together. They're winning games just like they did in their '06 NFC Champion season: Defense and special teams. Devin Hester looks the best he has as a returner since 2007, and he's even returning kickoffs again. Video evidence here.

12. Tennessee Titans(5-4)- Vince Young returns as the starting quarterback, and he gets a Redskins defense this week that Michael Vick torched(of course, VY is no Vick). This should be a good situation to get his rhythm back.

13. Oakland Raiders(5-4)- Their #2 running game will get quite the test this week at Pittsburgh, who own the league's best run defense.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(6-3)- They're 6-3, but 0-3 against teams with winning records. They've also had the pleasure of getting to play the Panthers twice. How good are they? I don't know. What I do know, though, is that they're incredibly better than I expected them to be coming into the season, and Josh Freeman is for real.

15. Miami Dolphins(5-4)- Great win over the Titans, but how happy do they come out of that game with Chad Pennington done for the season and Chad Henne likely out at least awhile as well? Tyler Thigpen came in after their injuries and did a very good job, and I've always thought he's better than many think. He can't be that much worse than Pennington and Henne. But, getting his first start on a short week(Thursday night), in primetime, against a Bears defense that's allowing the lowest QB rating in the NFL, will be a big test.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars(5-4)- Just go here.

17. Kansas City Chiefs(5-4)- Embarrassing loss at Denver. Their pass defense really needs to improve.

18. San Diego Chargers(4-5)- Watch out for this team. Neither the Raiders or the Chiefs are going to run away with the AFC West. A win over the Broncos next Monday night, and all of a sudden the Chargers would be 5-5, and possibly in a tie for first place. Philip Rivers is playing outstanding football, and this team is full of talent. They can make a run.

19. Seattle Seahawks(5-4)- Finally had a very impressive performance on the road in their 36-18 win at Arizona. They're now the favorites to win this beyond pathetic division.

20. Houston Texans(4-5)- So much for this being the year they put it all together and win the AFC South.

21. St. Louis Rams(4-5)- They've yet to beat a good team. They'll get that opportunity this week when they host the Falcons, but I don't see that going well.

22. Cleveland Browns(3-6)- What a job Colt McCoy has done. They beat the Saints on the road, beat the Patriots at home, and lost in overtime to the Jets. They're playing some good football and their fans finally have something to be positive about.

23. Washington Redskins(4-5)- If we're judging by only last night's game, I'd have them 33rd(Yes, you read that right).

24. Minnesota Vikings(3-6)- Just shut up about them already, unless you're making Favre penis jokes.

25. San Francisco 49ers(3-6)- Troy Smith's doing a terrific job. If they can just keep getting good play from the quarterback position, they definitely have a chance in the NFC West.

26. Denver Broncos(3-6)- Well that slaughtering of a good football team came out of nowhere.

27. Arizona Cardinals(3-6)- The Cardinals are who I thought they were.

28. Dallas Cowboys(2-7)- Um, so I guess they like Jason Garrett more than Wade Phillips? And Dez Bryant's going to be a superstar if he keeps his head on straight. What a talent.

29. Cincinnati Bengals(2-7)- This team is showing why the Bengals are the Bengals. It's time for them to start looking for a new quarterback.

30. Buffalo Bills(1-8)- Finally! I've wanted to move them out of the last spot for a few weeks, as they've actually played some solid football of late, but they needed to get a, you know, actual win first. They did, and they have a good shot to get another win this week at Cincinnati.

31. Detroit Lions(2-7)- This team is showing why the Lions are the Lions. My God was that an awful performance against a winless Bills team.

32. Carolina Panthers(1-8)- I think they're quite a bit worse than any other team right now, and that's saying something.

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