So That Derek Jeter Press Conference Was Highly Uncomfortable... | Sharapova's Thigh

Today, the New York Yankees and Derek Jeter agreed to a three-year, $51 million contract, with an $8 million player option for the fourth year.

Of course, that was after reports came out over the last few weeks that Jeter wanted as much as $24 million per season. Yes, $24 million per season for a 36-year-old, declining shortstop that is coming off of a .710 OPS season. The Yankees understandably were not going to let that happen, and the deal Jeter ended up getting is still much more than a player of his current talent deserves. He got a lot of money just out of a way of loyalty thanks to his incredible career with the Yankees, and because he's still a fan-favorite that will help with things such as merchandise sales.

But, Jeter wasn't happy that these rumors of his insanely high contract demands became public, and addressed that today in the press conference about his new contract. It was quite uncomfortable(Note: MLB may take this down thanks to their stupid restrictions, so let me know if the video isn't working):

Do you side with Jeter on this at all or do you think he came across like a whiny d-bag?

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