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Laura Vandervoort Brings The Supergirl Hotness

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Former Thigh of the Week, is best known for her role as Supergirl on the television show Smallville. I've never seen the show, but apparently the latest season of it just began in the last week on CW. To help promote the show, CW wisely released some pictures of the lovely Vandervoort on the Smallville set. I think they just got some more male viewers...

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In case I didn't want NBA 2K11 enough, 2K Sports just released this outstanding trailer showcasing the greatest basketball player of all-time and cover boy of the video game, Michael Jordan.

The video shows gameplay featuring Jordan's finest moments(which are part of the "Jordan Challenge" that you can play in the game), and highlights of him playing for other teams, as you can choose to make that happen. You can put MJ on historic teams like the 1985-1986 Boston Celtics, or current teams. For example, there's a highlight in the video of him playing on the current Los Angeles Lakers, with Kobe Bryant throwing him an alley-oop pass, which of course Michael emphatically throws down.

Here's the trailer(and Bulls fans like myself will not just enjoy the visuals in this video, but the audio as well):

NBA 2K11 releases on October 5th for the PS3, XBOX 360, Wii, PS2, PSP, and PC.

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Jelena Jensen Thigh Fives The Bear Down Links

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Thigh Five From Jelena Jensen (See More Of Jelena Here)
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Yikes. "Have you seen my baseball?"

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Kyle Orton should have a solid fantasy performance against the Colts.

(First off, I'm in a private week three-only fantasy football league on FanDuel. It's a $5 buy-in, and the winner takes $45. We need the 10-team league filled up, so if you're looking for the chance to play some more fantasy football this week and make some money, join here: Join Our Week 3 Fantasy Football League On FanDuel... PLEASE)

Here we are at week three of the NFL and fantasy football season. With most fantasy leagues starting their playoffs by week 14 or so, you don't want to start 0-3 in your league. If you are indeed winless right now(or lucked your way into a win or two), you should put more research into who to put in your starting lineup, scour the waiver wire for potential gems to turn your season around, and look for potential trade options around your league. Hopefully this roundup will serve as a nice resource to help you accomplish these things.

Also, free to email( me any fantasy football links that you think belong on here, and I'll consider adding them to the post.

Great fantasy football articles from around the web...

And some picks of my own(based on standard league scoring systems):

Week 3's Best

QB: Peyton Manning... With Broncos cornerbacks Champ Bailey and Andre Goodman sounding quite doubtful to play Sunday against the Colts, it should make the Colts' passing attack even better than it usually is. That's a scary thought. Less than 20 fantasy points this week out of Peyton would be a disappointment.

RB: Chris Johnson... CJ had a crappy week two(16 carries for 34 yards), but it was against the outstanding Steelers defense. If any running back performs very well against them this year, that will be a headline story. The Titans' star running back will get back on track this week against a Giants defense that allowed 163 yards on the ground to the Colts in week two. If Joseph Addai and Donald Brown can make it look easy against them, imagine how the league's best back could do.

WR: Andre Johnson... Listed as "Questionable", but ESPN's John Clayton just said, ""I can 100% guarantee you he will be out on the field." And if he's on the field, you know he's going to produce, as he did last week with 12 catches for 158 yards and a touchdown.

TE: Antonio Gates... 10 catches and three touchdowns already. He might be staying in this spot each week for the rest of the season.

K: Ryan Longwell... Home game, in a dome, against the Lions. The Vikings will be in scoring position frequently.

D/ST: Baltimore Ravens... The Ravens defense against Seneca Wallace and a crappy supporting cast? We'll take it!

Sleeper Picks

QB: Kyle Orton... With the dynamic Colts offense, the injuries to the Broncos' secondary, and running back Knoshown Moreno being out, the Broncos will be throwing a lot to keep up. I like for Orton to throw for 280+ yards.

RB: Mike Tolbert... It sounds like the Chargers' starting running back, Ryan Mathews, is out Sunday due to a high ankle sprain. After Mathews went down with the injury against the Jaguars, Tolbert replaced him, and did an outstanding job, rushing for 82 yards on 16 carries and reaching the end zone twice.

WR: Dez Bryant... The Texans have the league's worst pass defense after two weeks, as they're allowing 411 passing yards per game. The Cowboys will try to exploit the weak Texans pass defense, and with Miles Austin surely getting a ton of defensive attention, Bryant should be able to get open and do some damage.

TE: Todd Heap... 10 catches already for the veteran tight end, and Joe Flacco's already thrown five interceptions. Flacco will look to his big, safe target this week against a horrible Browns team.

K: Jay Feely... Even with Derek Anderson at quarterback, the Cardinals' offense should be able to get into the red zone frequently at home against the Raiders. However, even when the Cardinals have moved the ball well, they've struggled to find the end zone. Jay Feely may get three+ field goal chances.

D/ST: Tampa Bay Buccaneers... The Tampa Bay defense currently ranks fourth in fantasy football. They face Charlie Batch this week, who was #4 on the Steelers' depth chart not too long ago. The Bucs will bring plenty of pressure on the old veteran.

Shit Picks

QB: Eli Manning... The Titans currently have the #1 pass defense in the NFL and are giving up just 85.5 passing yards per game(of course those games were against Jason Campbell and Dennis Dixon/Charlie Batch). Cortland Finnegan and the rest of the Titans secondary will make it tough on Eli, whose line isn't giving him much time to throw anyway.

RB: Brandon Jackson... The Bears' run defense looks great early on, but the secondary is still a major question mark, particularly at the safety position. The Packers will try to beat them through the air, so don't expect much out of Jackson this week.

WR: Devin Aromashodu... After being the Bears' most targeted receiver in week one, Aromashodu did not play an offensive snap in week two against the Cowboys. Aromashodu had some bad drops in week one, which is believed to be the reason for his demotion on the depth chart. Earl Bennett has passed him as the #3 wide receiver, and until that changes, do not put Aromashodu in your lineup.

TE: Kellen Winslow... He's a solid play usually, but this is not a desirable play against the best defense in the league.

K: Jeff Reed... We don't know what to expect out of Charlie Batch against a solid Buccaneers defense. This isn't the week to use Reed.

D/ST: Chicago Bears... The defense is much improved with the addition of Julius Peppers, and the healthy return of Brian Urlacher and Pisa Tinoisamoa at the linebacker position. They're swarming, hitting, and forcing turnovers, but as I alluded to when talking about Brandon Jackson, their pass defense is suspect. Furthermore, the Packers' offense is outstanding, and Aaron Rodgers only threw seven interceptions in 2009. This game will be a shootout, so I don't really like playing either defense this week.

My week two picks(Points based on standard scoring systems; Green indicates a notably good pick; Red indicates a notably bad pick):

Best: Peyton Manning(22 points), Adrian Peterson(24 points), Andre Johnson(21 points), Antonio Gates(17 points), David Akers(5 points), Green Bay Packers(12 points).

Sleepers: Michael Vick(22 points), Darren McFadden(14 points), Eddie Royal(12 points), Zach Miller(4 points), Matt Prater(7 points), New England Patriots(-1 points).

Shit: David Garrard(2 points), C.J. Spiller(2 points), Randy Moss(9 points), Owen Daniels(2 points), Neil Rackers(13 points), San Francisco 49ers(1 point).

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The Draft Master (Photo credit: OregonLive.Com)

Ever get annoyed when you're at the bar and it takes what feels like forever to get a beer there? Either the place is packed, your server seemingly forgets you're there, the bartender is more interested in serving that hottie at the end of the bar before you(understandably), etc. Well, it happens to me a lot, so the idea of the bar having beer-dispensing tables that allow you to immediately get your own beer is music to my ears.

Beer-dispensing tables? Yeah, that's right. These tables can be found in bars in some states right now, and apparently will continue to be added to more. Here's much more information on these tables from The Bellingham Herald:

The mobile table, fitted with beer taps designed to let bar patrons draw their own brews, can be found in establishments in Washington, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Las Vegas.
The Draft Master could become a regular fixture in bars, especially as global conglomerate Diageo, the world's largest beer, wine and spirits company, has put its marketing muscle behind it. Diageo, based in London, has bought 900 of the tables, which typically feature Diageo's Guinness beer, for use in more than 250 pubs across Ireland.

Ellickson International, the Waterford, Ireland-based company that makes the Draft Master, is advertising the table as an efficient dispenser of beer that encourages camaraderie in pub and restaurant settings. It's starting to sell them in markets across Europe and is preparing to enter Asia. Its U.S. office is in Annapolis, Md.

The Draft Master makes it easy for a consumer to buy beer on demand. The table features two taps that swivel 360 degrees. A digital meter on the taps keeps track of the amount that's drawn. Up to two different kinds of beers can be poured.

"That's the beautiful thing: There's no waste on this thing," said Delves. "Every ounce of alcohol that comes out of it is accounted for."

Underneath the table, which is wide enough for at least eight people to stand around, is a complex cooling system that can keep two beer kegs chilled at precise temperatures. The table, taps and cooling system costs $7,850, and the separate wireless computer that controls it goes for nearly $2,000.

Over the next month, Goodman, who now runs U.S. operations for Ellickson, will be overseeing the installation of the tables at restaurants in Florida, Chicago, California, Washington and Canada.

Pretty cool stuff. The one downside for customers is that the Draft Master itself will not take your money, but you instead have to pay a server like you would if you ordered a drink from them directly. Additionally, you're only allowed two beers at a time, and the server will judge whether or not you can get another round from the Draft Master:

Beer laws in most places don't allow for people to pay for beer out of a vending machine, and the Draft Master can't be considered one because it doesn't accept payments, company officials say.

Instead, users of the Draft Master have to pay separately for the beer; each drinker is allowed to pour only up to two beers at a time, with a server having to authorize the next round.

That's of course a wise thing for bars though, since it will avoid people treating the joint like an Animal House keg party, and it will allow the servers to still get tips from the customers.

It will be interesting to see how popular the Draft Master becomes, and if it's soon distributed nationally. For bars, especially quite busy ones, it makes a lot of sense as the Draft Master essentially works as another bartender/server to have around, and most importantly, it prevents free drinks from being handed out to friends of the bartenders/servers. Therefore, the bar gets back the money owed for every beer the Draft Master pours, and that's certainly not going to be the case when it's the bartender pouring the beers.

So keep an eye out for the Draft Master at a bar near you, and I'd love to hear your feedback on it if you use one. Cheers.

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Anna Kournikova is in the October 2010 issue of Maxim, and I'm happy to provide you with photographic evidence of this.

Anna looks as hot as ever in the shoot, and you even get to see her in 3D if you happen to have 3D glasses laying around. If so, get ready to put on your nerdwear and drool all over yourself, while Anna jumps out at you in a bikini.

And lastly... the 3D shot!

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Adrian Peterson- Heard of him.

Finally, the week two fantasy football roundup. Computer troubles prevented me from having this for you earlier in the week, but I got a new laptop yesterday, and the Internet in my house is finally running smoothly, so here you go...

Also, free to email( me any fantasy football links that you think belong on here, and I'll consider adding them to the post.

Great fantasy football articles from around the web...
And some picks of my own(based on standard league scoring systems):

Week 2's Best

QB: Peyton Manning... Peyton's Colts lost to the Texans 34-24 last Sunday, but it certainly wasn't his fault. The 10-time Pro Bowler threw for 433 yards, three touchdowns, and had no turnovers in the game. This week, he faces his brother Eli and the New York Giants. Peyton knows his Colts need a win, and he'll want to outduel his brother on national television.

RB: Adrian Peterson... After Brett Favre looked shaky in the Vikings' 14-9 loss to the Saints, they have to reconsider their offensive gameplan for at least the first few weeks of the season. Favre looked rusty, like somebody that hadn't been in training camp. Funny how that works. Look for the Vikings to give Peterson 25+ carries, and for him to cash in at least one of those for six.

WR: Andre Johnson... Only three receptions in week one for the league's best wide receiver? That won't keep up.

TE: Antonio Gates... Five receptions, 76 yards, and a touchdown for Philip Rivers' favorite target in week one. Expect numbers at least that good this week against the Jaguars in San Diego.

K: David Akers... The Eagles will move the ball well against the Lions in Detroit. Add in that Akers is a terrific kicker, and the game will be played in a dome which means there's no weather conditions to worry about, and you have the ingredients for success.

D/ST: Green Bay Packers... The Bills totaled 166 yards in week one, good for last in the NFL. Don't expect things to get much better against a very good Packers defense in Green Bay.

Sleeper Picks

QB: Michael Vick... Vick replaced Eagles starting quarterback Kevin Kolb last week against the Packers, after Kolb left with a concussion. Vick gets the nod this week against the Lions in Detroit, as the Eagles felt Kolb needed a week off to recover. Kolb will likely be the #1 after this week, but you can at least get a solid week out of Vick now. Look for Vick to throw well, run well, and get 15+ fantasy points against a bad, although improving, Lions defense.

RB: Darren McFadden... Odd that I'd have a guy that ranked fourth in fantasy running backs in points(20) for week one, but people are still very skeptical about the Raiders back. Well, they shouldn't be this week. Michael Bush sounds unlikely to play which will allow McFadden to get plenty of touches. Additionally, the game is Oakland against a bad Rams defense. McFadden should get 125+ total yards.

WR: Eddie Royal... Royal had eight catches for 98 yards in week one against the Jaguars. However, like McFadden, fantasy owners are questioning whether or not Royal will be a very good fantasy option this season after a crappy 2009. However, Royal looked very good in training camp and preseason, and the Broncos are trying to find a way to replace Brandon Marshall's production. Jabar Gaffney appears to be the #1, but Royal should be a solid option all season, especially in PPR leagues. Look for him to put together another good game at home against the Seahawks this week.

TE: Zach Miller... The Raiders will be able to get into scoring position at home against the Rams, and Miller will be Jason Campbell's top target in the red zone.

K: Matt Prater... The Broncos should be able to put up points at home versus the Seahawks. Additionally, Prater went five for six in field goal opportunities of 40+ yards at home in 2009.

D/ST: New England Patriots... Feel confident starting any defense against Mark Sanchez right now.

Shit Picks

QB: David Garrard... Garrard was rock-solid in week one against the Broncos, tossing three touchdowns in the Jaguars' win. However, the Chargers are going to be pissed off after a heartbreaking loss to the Chiefs, and held Matt Cassel to just 68 yards passing in that game(granted, the weather conditions were horrible for passing).

RB: C.J. Spiller... After some eye-opening runs in the preseason against #1 defenses, Spiller was a huge disappointment in his first real game. The Bills' rookie running back had just six yards over seven carries against the Dolphins. He's going to be very good, but the results won't be there this week either. Green Bay should blowout the Bills, thus limiting the carries Spiller will get.

WR: Randy Moss... Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis may not be his sensational self quite yet after missing all of camp and preseason(which of course was his own fault), but still alters the game plan of the opposing offense. Moss only totaled 58 yards receiving in two games against Revis and the Jets in 2009.

TE: Owen Daniels... If he's still out on the waiver wire and you can afford to be patient at the tight end position, he's worth a grab. But he's still rusty and will likely not be targeted by Schaub too much in the early going of the 2010 season. Wait for Daniels to show us he's a big part of the Texans' offense again before you toss him in the starting lineup.

K: Neil Rackers... Rackers is the kicker for a high-powered Texans offense, but the Redskins held a great Cowboys offense to just seven points in week one.

D/ST: San Francisco 49ers... This defense will be in many starting lineups this week, since many of you drafted them and only carry one defense on the roster. But they were embarrassed by what appears to be a very average Seahawks offense, so imagine what the Saints could do to them. If you can afford to drop a player on your roster for a quick fix, you can do much better than this defense in week two.

Video: Megan Fox's Armani Lingerie Ad FTW

Posted by Matt Clapp | 9/15/2010 06:22:00 PM | ,

This. Is. Hot.

It's a short film for Armani, featuring our 2008 Thighnal Four winner, Megan Fox. It's called "The Tip", and thankfully you don't see any male parts that the title may lead you to believe, but rather just a guy bringing Megan Fox room service food while she walks around half-naked. It's Megan at her hottest.

Check it:

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Anna Kournikova Thigh Fives The 9/15/10 Links

Posted by Matt Clapp | 9/15/2010 02:27:00 PM

Thigh Five From Anna Kournikova!


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Antonio Gates could be diving into the end zone on Monday against the Chiefs.

Welcome to our first fantasy football roundup of the 2010 regular season. It's a weekly piece we do here, featuring useful links to fantasy football projections, rankings, injured players to keep an eye on, and random quality articles that we find around the web. I also make some of my own predictions that are sure to go wrong. You've been warned.

Feel free to email( me any fantasy football links that you think belong on here, and I'll consider adding them to the post.

Great fantasy football articles from around the web...

And some picks of my own(based on standard league scoring systems):

Week 1's Best

QB: Aaron Rodgers... Rodgers was the top fantasy quarterback of 2009 in many formats, and could possibly have an even better season in 2010. The Packers' quarterback topped 20 fantasy points nine times last season, and did not reach double-digit fantasy points only one time(at Chicago in week 14). This week, he goes into Philadelphia to take on an Eagles defense that ranked 17th against the pass in 2009. Rodgers and his offense looked absolutely terrific in the preseason, and they should be able to continue their success this week against the Eagles.

RB: Chris Johnson... The top player in fantasy football against a Raiders defense that ranked 29th in the league last year? Um, yes, please.

WR: Andre Johnson... In his two games against the division rival Colts in 2009, Johnson totaled 15 catches, as part of his 101-reception season. The best wide receiver in the NFL will have a big game in what the Texans view as about as much of a "must win" game as you'll have to start the season.

TE: Antonio Gates... With Vincent Jackson suspended, Rivers will be looking the star tight end's way even more than usual. Gates had seven catches for 118 yards and two touchdowns in week 12 versus the Chiefs in 2009. Don't be surprised if he has a similar performance against them again this week.

K: Nate Kaeding... Kaeding totaled 25 fantasy points in his two games against the Chiefs last season. Another double-digit effort should be in store this week against the Kansas City club.

D/ST: Baltimore Ravens... Ray Lewis and the Ravens are usually as pumped up as any team in the league before each game. Now they're motivated to face former Ravens defensive coordinator Rex Ryan and his trash-talking Jets team. The Ravens are going to bring it against the Jets' second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez, who threw just 12 touchdowns compared to 20 interceptions in 2009. He should improve this year, but don't expect that to show in week one against the Ravens.

Sleeper Picks

QB: Kyle Orton... With the loss of Brandon Marshall in the offseason, many seem a bit down on Orton for 2010. Marshall's certainly a big, big loss, but Orton should still be able to put up solid passing numbers in an offensive perfectly designed for his game. Against a Jaguars pass defense that ranked 27th last season, he should be able to put up 220+ passing yards and a couple of touchdowns.

RB: Cadillac Williams... Cadillac's kind of a forgotten player these days for fantasy football, but he's currentlythe clear starter((Kareem Huggins may change that as the season goes on though) in Tampa Bay with the release of Derrick Ward. This week he has a bad Browns run defense at home, and could get you 15+ fantasy points.

WR: Johnny Knox... Knox is being undervalued by about every fantasy football site I've seen outside of Rotoworld. He's been Jay Cutler's primary target in camp and preseason, and is a perfect fit for Mike Martz's offense. He's put on eight pounds of strength to go with his 4.3 speed, and watched much video of Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt excelling in Martz's offense. He gets the Lions in Chicago this week.The Lions' defense was last against the pass last year, and allowed a whopping 35 passing touchdowns.

TE: John Carlson... The Seahawks' tight end had touchdowns in each of the last four games of 2009. He also had six receptions against the team he faces this week, the 49ers, in week two of 2009.

K: Robbie Gould... Gould had 14 fantasy points in each game against the Lions last year. The weather looks fine in Chicago for Sunday's game against the Lions, so another good performance should be in store for the Bears' kicker.

D/ST: Arizona Cardinals... A below average defense, but facing a rookie quarterback(Sam Bradford) making his first NFL start. Usually, that goes well for the defense.

Shit Picks

QB: Joe Flacco... The Ravens' passing game will be improved this year with the growth of Flacco at quarterback, and the additions of Anquan Boldin and T.J. Houshmandzadeh at wide receiver. However, don't expect them to look very good against the Jets this week. The Jets allowed the least amount of passing yards(153.7 per game) and passing touchdowns(8) in the NFL last season.

RB: Marion Barber... Consider him the #2 in Dallas right now, with Felix Jones appearing to be the Dallas back you'd rather have. Maybe that will change in the coming weeks, but stay away from Barber until we get a better idea of his role.

WR: Braylon Edwards... As I've already alluded to, expect Sanchez to struggle against the Ravens defense. Don't look for Braylon to be much of a factor this week.

TE: Owen Daniels... Daniels is coming off a knee injury and is only expected to get 25 snaps or so this week against the Colts. That is if he even plays, as he's currently listed as "Questionable" on the injury report.

K: Jeff Reed... Reed's usually a solid option, but Dennis Dixon may not lead the Steelers' offense into scoring position.

D/ST: Carolina Panthers... With the loss of Julius Peppers in the offseason, many expected a drop in production from the Panthers' pass rush. That certainly may be the case, but the Panthers were able to generate tremendous pressure from their starting defensive line and linebackers in the preseason. Still, this week will be a tough matchup for this defense in New York for the Giants' first game in their new stadium.

I'll likely update the post before Sunday's 1 PM ET games, so keep checking back.

Update(9/12, 11:35 AM ET): Not much has changed. There's few injuries to watch going into the first week of the season, and weather's a minimal factor at this time of the year as well. If you're still debating on some moves though, check out the "Last minute decisions" from Gregg Rosenthal of Rotoworld.

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So my roommate and I are watching the Reds-Rockies game on television tonight, and just heard some heckling on the broadcast from a fan in attendance at Coors Field. Apparently, the fan doesn't think highly of Rockies' outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, who is making a run at the Triple Crown and is possibly the leading MVP candidate in the National League.

Guess what? We actually took video of it! Thank you DVR and Flip video cameras.

Anyway, here's what the fan had to say while "CarGo" was on defense, and going after a base hit in left field(Note: NSFW language)-

Tough home crowd!

(And email me at if the video's been taken down. Damn MLB restrictions.)

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Video: Lion Attack At MGM Grand Las Vegas

Posted by Matt Clapp | 9/07/2010 07:50:00 PM | , ,

Two months ago, I checked out the lion exhibit at the MGM Grand casino/hotel in Las Vegas. It's one of the most popular free exhibits to see in Sin City. I mean, it's two actual lions playing around in front of you, right in the middle of a casino. Pretty cool stuff.

However, what you also notice in the exhibit are a couple of trainers just hanging out in there with the lions. I even saw one of them laying down and practically cuddling with a lion like it was a Golden Retriever puppy.

I know these guys are trained to work with lions, and the lions are also tamed and trained themselves, but I still thought to myself, "These guys are out of their minds." There's no amount of money you could give to me that would get me to do that job. These are the "Kings of the Jungle" after all. You never know when they could snap and, you know, act like the wild animals they are.

Like this!-

Crazy stuff, and obviously it could've been much, much worse. Thankfully, the trainer that was attacked only needed stitches in his leg. Something tells me that he didn't rush back to his job after that.

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Olivia Munn is the dream girl of many video game enthusiasts out there, due to her past work on the video game-themed television channel, G4. The Thigh of the Week alum is now a correspondent for The Daily Show as well, which prompted GQ to do a photoshoot titled "The Daily Showgirl".

Check out the pictures:

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At every major sporting event you attend, you're surely going to find a fair amount of drunken douchebags there. During the Novak Djokovic-Philipp Petzschner match at the US Open in New York last night, we saw a prime example of one of these guys, and he was in top douchebaggery form to say the least.

The douchebag was furious about something in the upper deck, and wouldn't stop yapping and dropping f-bombs at a woman. His antics ultimately led to her father, then her, and then other people in attendance trying to kick his ass.

After seeing the video of the incident, I wanted to do the same thing to this guy. See this crazy fighting action in the US Open crowd for yourself:

As for what happened to the main three people involved in this fight, the New York Times provided some information for us:

All three people were handcuffed and brought to the 110th Precinct in Queens, said Tim Curry, a spokesman for the United States Tennis Association.

Ultimately, none of the fans was arrested. Instead, they were given trespass warnings and told not to return to the Open for a certain amount of time, though the authorities could not immediately say how long.

It really pisses me off that Mr. Jersey Shore was not arrested, but I'm sure enough people will see the video and let him know how pathetic he looks, so at least there's that.

The fight actually caused the tennis match to be delayed for a bit, but the third-seeded Djokovic would go on to win 7-5, 6-3, 7-6 (6).

H/T: New York Times; Ben York(for making me aware of this)

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