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Elisabetta Canalis Thigh Fives The 11/30/10 Links

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Thigh Five From Elisabetta Canalis! (See More Of Elisabetta At Guyism)

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My very first YouTube video upload from my brand-spanking new Flip video camera(which I highly recommend putting on your holiday wish list if you don't have one)...

Quarterback Derek Anderson had a horrible game on Monday Night Football as his Arizona Cardinals lost 27-6, in embarrassing fashion at home to the San Francisco 49ers.

The cameras caught him laughing on the sidelines while they were getting blown out as well, and a reporter understandably asked him about that in the postgame press conference. Anderson didn't take the question very well, to say the least, and had a classic tirade:

And yes, it immediately reminded me of former Arizona Cardinals coach, Dennis Green, going off after they lost to the Bears on Monday Night Football a few years ago:

Which tirade do you like more? I'll go Dennis Green... but I also enjoyed it more than most did since I'm a Bears fan.

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I know most of you like booze, and whipped cream. I know I do.

Booze and whipped cream can also be a perfect combo to get the ladies having some fun with you... or so I've heard.

So, it's nice to know that there's now an alcoholic whipped cream out there to buy. From The Boston Herald:
Canisters of Cream — a 30-proof whipped cream that comes in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, raspberry, orange and cherry are now arriving on liquor-store shelves across the state.

At the Wine Emporium on Tremont Street, Cream sells for $12.99, and it’s flying off the shelves, general manager Max Pendolari said.

“I’m amazed at the amount we’ve sold,’’ he said. “I thought these would be one of those kitschy things we pulled off the shelf in six months, but within the first week we had already sold out the initial order.’’

Chris Guiher, chief executive of Kingfish Spirits of Cleveland, maker of Cream, said his company has complied with all laws and is determined to make sure it is distributed and marketed “responsibly.’’

The product, which Guiher said is now available in dozens of Massachusetts liquor stores, already has a national rival, Whipped Lightning, distributed by Maple Grove Products of Atlanta.

It's sure to be a drunken hit all over colleges and with the younger crowd, and after the Four Loko stuff, many people are going to bitch about this left and right. And those people are BORING.

I have no idea if either Canisters of Cream or Whipped Lightning(which is 36-proof) are distributed all over the country, and any information about that would be appreciated... because I want to try some/a lot.

H/T: Deadspin

A friend of mine just told me that they sell at least one of the alcoholic whipped creams at her Aunt's liquor store, Joy Wine and Spirits, here in Denver. Score!

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Sheena Rote Thigh Fives The 11/29/10 Links

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Thigh Five From Sheena Rote!
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The Oklahoma City Thunder's talented young point guard, Russell Westbrook, showed off his talents to Shane Battier and the Houston Rockets today.

Although the Thunder lost 99-98, Westbrook had 23 points, 10 assists, no turnovers, and a posterizing dunk on Battier.

Here's the dunk, and an enthusiastic Thunder play-by-play guy making the call:

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Check out my biggest man-crush, the Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose, making the Sacramento Kings' Tyreke Evans fall down thanks to a nasty crossover.

Love it... via Docksquad Sports:

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Maria Sharapova is featured in the December 2010 issue of InStyle Russia. It's fitting, because she's from Russia and always in style.

I can't understand what any of the writing on these pages say, but that shouldn't be your concern. Check out the Thigh Goddess showing off her beauty:

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As you've probably heard by now, 31-year-old Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest wants to play in the NFL when his NBA days are over. He's quite nutty enough to think he could do it. And he's apparently going to take advice from one of the nuttiest players in the NFL about the idea.

When asked by reporters today what position he'd like to play in the NFL, Artest said that he's going to talk over that, and everything else about the possibility of playing in the league, with the Cincinnati Bengals' Terrell Owens. Yes, Ron Artest and Terrell Owens are going to talk all of this over, with Owens giving Artest ADVICE.

T.O. giving people advice- That thought should scare our society. Of course, Artest is probably crazier than T.O. is, so he is one of the few people on this planet where T.O.'s advice could actually be useful.

Owens is apparently going to let Artest know whether or not he's "crazy" about the idea and can actually play in the league. Is there any chance in the world T.O. talks him out of this? Didn't think so.

Artest talked about all that, and much more in this must-see video with reporters today :

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We love Laura Vandervoort around here, as was shown when we had her as Thigh of the Week in October 2008. She's quite an underrated babe that deserves some more recognition.

Therefore, we were happy to see she's featured in the December 2010 issue of Men's Health Magazine. She looked gorgeous as always:

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See More Of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley At The Grumpiest.

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The Philadelphia Flyers' Claude Giroux scored a goal in unusual fashion last night in a 5-4 win over the Washington Capitals: The puck hit his dong, and then redirected into the goal, something that had to certainly impress the ladies.

He felt a bit uncomfortable explaining the incident to a reporter:

Thigh Five: Crossing Broad

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As you're probably aware by now, the Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect is now available for sale, with retail price currently at $149.99. It uses motion sensors to allow you to play video games without holding a controller. It's sure to be a hot item for this holiday season.

Well, unless videos of parents accidentally beating up their children while playing the Kinect keep coming out. Fun for the whole family!

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The Dallas Cowboys defeated the 35-19 Detroit Lions today at Cowboys Stadium, and the main highlight from the game came when the Cowboys were actually losing 12-7 in the third quarter.

The Lions' Nick Harris punted a ball that was headed into the end zone, but the Lions saved the ball from going into the end zone, and knocked it back to the three-yard line.

Small problem there: The ball was picked up by the Cowboys' Bryan McCann(not the Braves' catcher), and he incredibly ran the ball all the way back for a 97-yard touchdown. McCann wasn't even back to return the punt, as Dez Bryant is their returner.

But, the Lions are the Lions, and this play pretty much showed how things go for them.

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Jose Canseco Just Gave Me A Hug

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Jose Canseco's Twitter account has been well-documented on here: Link, Link, Link, Link.

Today, the nutty former major league slugger and roider went on about giving out hugs to the people he hates, as you may have heard mentioned today on Pardon The Interruption:

You should hug the people you hate will make you feel better about yourself

I am broke but I am happy do you need a hug even I need one sometimes

If I could hug you to take your pain away I would

Let's try saying and doing nice things for people for just one day

Someone should open up a hug store

And guess what his last tweet was? A hug for me!

What a sweetheart. It's never felt so good to be hated.

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A Single Eva Longoria Thigh Fives The 11/19/10 Links

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Thigh Five From Newly Divorced Eva Longoria! (See More Pics At Don Chavez)

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After his record-breaking fantasy performance in week 10, how can't you stick with Vick?

The Bears and Dolphins play tonight in Miami, so make sure to set your lineups before the game if you have any players from those teams.

I'll continue to update the post with more links as the week goes on, so keep checking back. Also, feel free to e-mail me any other fantasy football links at, and I'll consider adding them to the post.

Other fantasy football articles from around the web...
And some picks of my own(based on standard league scoring systems):

Week 11's Best

QB: Michael Vick... After having the greatest performance ever for a fantasy football quarterback, how couldn't I have him here, even if he has a tough matchup against the Giants? If he looks like how he did on Monday night, it won't matter how good the opposing defense is- He's unstoppable.

RB: Chris Johnson... Washington's allowing 5 yards per carry, tied with Indianapolis for most in the NFL. Yes, the Titans are VERY well aware of that. Look for CJ2K to go off.

WR: Calvin Johnson... Nine+ catches in two of his last three games, and four touchdowns over those three games. And even better news: He gets the Cowboys this week, who have allowed 20+ touchdown passes, which is the second-most in the NFL(just behind the Texans, whose pass defense is in another league of terrible).

TE: Jacob Tamme ... Antonio Gates is very "Questionable" for Monday night(which could create quite the shitty situation for his fantasy owners), otherwise I'd have him here. But Tamme has 24 catches in three games since replacing Dallas Clark. That's more catches over the last three games than anybody else in the league.

K: Rob Bironas... He had five straight double-digit fantasy performances before the last two weeks, and totaled only 11 over those two weeks. Chris Johnson will get the Titans in field goal range a lot.

D/ST: Pittsburgh Steelers... The Raiders have the league's #2 rushing offense, but the Steelers have by far the league's top run defense on the season. If you can shutdown the Raiders' running game, you're likely going to shutdown their offense.

UPDATE Since The Brian Freaking St. Pierre QB'ing The Carolina Panthers News... I Change My D/ST Pick To the Ravens:

D/ST: Baltimore Ravens... Um, yeah, just read this:

Brian St. Pierre thrown five passes in eight NFL seasons. He wasn't in a training camp this summer and as recent as last week was a stay-at-home dad.

Sleeper Picks

QB: Joe Flacco... At least 15 fantasy points in his last five games, but few have noticed. Now he gets a Panthers team that his Ravens will beat up on. He might not see the fourth quarter of this game if it goes how I expect it to, but he should be able to get another 15-pointer before that.

RB: Mike Tolbert... Ryan Mathews' status is in doubt, and even if he plays, Tolbert should get a fair amount of carries and some goal-line opportunities against the Broncos. And the Broncos have allowed 14 rushing touchdowns, most in the NFL. Tolbert might be available in your league too if you're looking for a plug-in.

WR: Mike Williams(Seattle)... Williams had 11 catches for 145 yards, and now has 46 catches on the season. However, he only has one touchdown. This is my hunch pick of the week: He finds the end zone against the Saints.

TE: Dustin Keller... He had five touchdowns in weeks 2-4, and has none since then. He hasn't even had over seven fantasy points in a game since then. Well, the Texans are allowing 12.3 fantasy points per game to tight ends, so I like for Keller to finally get 10+.

K: Sebastian Janikowski... I think it will be tough for them to find the end zone against the Steelers and will have to settle for some field goal attempts.

D/ST: Kansas City Chiefs... They allowed 49 points, and had NEGATIVE-10 fantasy points against the Broncos in week 10. But, now they have Derek Anderson and the Cardinals at home. I'll take any home defense against the Cardinals.

Shit Picks

QB: Matt Schaub... Difficult matchup on the road at Philadelphia, whose defense has a league-leading 16 interceptions.

RB: Darren McFadden... He might break one, but will have a tough time consistently getting yards against a Steelers defense allowing just 2.8 yards/carry.

WR: Brandon Marshall... The Bears have allowed just six passing touchdowns, good for best in the NFL.

TE: Rob Gronkowski... 25 fantasy points in week 10. Do not expect anywhere close to a repeat performance. In fact, I don't even think he'll be the best Patriots tight end this week(Aaron Hernandez).

K: Billy Cundiff... Extra points, but don't expect more than a single field goal try or so against a Panthers team the Ravens should destroy.

D/ST: San Diego Chargers... The Broncos' passing game is terrific, and I don't expect that to change in what is a must-win if they hope to stay alive in the AFC West race.

My Week 10 picks(Notably good picks in green; notably bad picks in red)...

Best: Eli Manning(19 points), Arian Foster(11 points), Reggie Wayne(3 points), Jacob Tamme(7 points), Rob Bironas(6 points), New York Giants(1 point).

Sleepers: David Garrard(24 points), LeGarrette Blount(15 points), Mike Sims-Walker(2 points), Brandon Pettigrew(5 points), Lawrence Tynes(9 points), San Francisco 49ers(3 points).

Shit: Brett Favre(2 points), Matt Forte(6 points), Miles Austin(12 points), Tony Gonzalez(3 points), Ryan Longwell(6 points), Baltimore Ravens(1 point).

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This is awesome.

If Australia's cricket team beats England in the Ashes test series(starts November 25th; ends in January), every Australian adult can get a free beer:
The national team's beer sponsor, Carlton and United breweries, made the announcement on Tuesday at an event attended by team captain Ricky Ponting. If Australia wins the two-month series, the company will print vouchers in five Australian newspapers that can be redeemed for a bottle of beer.
England currently holds The Ashes, but is a steep underdog for the upcoming series. The team hasn't won a series in Australia since 1986.

That's good news for Australian cricket fans, Australian beer drinkers and, likely, Carlton and United breweries. Though the company stands to lose $20 million if Australia wins The Ashes, the publicity and goodwill engendered by giving out free brews would likely far outweigh the financial cost.


As the article says, although it will be quite a financial loss at first, it should benefit the business of Carlton and United breweries in the long run. I would sure as hell support them.

I wish America would do something like this.

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Irina Shayk Thigh Fives The 11/16/10 Links

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Thigh Five From Irina Shayk! (See More Irina Bikini Photos At Guyism)

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And for having a blanket of a giant tiger staring at you while you lift weights. I think somebody got a little too carried away with the Rocky soundtrack. Anyway, everything about this video is hilarious:

Is it legit? I'm still trying to figure that out. Odd that you would videotape yourself lifting weights, but from the 40 seconds I saw of this guy, nothing would surprise me with him.

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1. Philadelphia Eagles(6-3)- Michael. Vick.

2. New England Patriots(7-2)- After a horrible loss to the Browns in week nine, they came back with an outstanding win on the road in Pittsburgh. Tom Brady looked sensational.

3. Atlanta Falcons(7-2)- They easily could've lost, but they found a way to get the win over a very good Baltimore team. If they can get home-field advantage in the NFC, it's going to be really tough for teams to go in there and win. And with this remaining schedule, you have to like their chances to do so: at St. Louis, vs. Green Bay, at Tampa Bay, at Carolina, at Seattle, vs. New Orleans, and vs. Carolina.

4. New York Jets(7-2)- How the hell did they win that game? They lost to Green Bay 9-0 at home in week eight, miraculously beat a bad Lions team in week nine, and miraculously won against against the Browns team in week 10. But, here they are at 7-2, and with their defense and running game, they can beat anybody. The key to their team? Mark Sanchez not screwing it up, which he's already tried to do a few times.

5. Baltimore Ravens(6-3)- Heartbreaking loss at Atlanta.

6. Indianapolis Colts(6-3)- After seeing how damn good Michael Vick and the Eagles looked last night, the Colts' two-point loss at Philadelphia in week nine doesn't look so bad. They just need to get healthy. With Peyton Manning, they're always a threat.

7. Pittsburgh Steelers(6-3)- Yikes, that was not a pretty performance on Sunday night. Granted, it was against the Patriots, and Tom Brady was on top of his game, but they're showing some holes. But their run defense is still the best in the NFL, and they host a Raiders team that relies on the run in week 11, then face a 1-8 Bills team. So, they should be able to go into their huge week 13 game at Baltimore with some momentum and an 8-3 record.

8. New York Giants(6-3)- They were absolutely dominated by the Cowboys at home. I'm still stunned. Now they play Michael Vick and the Eagles for first place in the NFC East. A week ago I would've really liked their chances, but not as much anymore after what we saw from them against the Cowboys, and what we saw from the Eagles last night against the Redskins.

9. Green Bay Packers(6-3)- Three straight impressive wins before their bye week, but the Bears are now tied with them for first place. They need to go into Minnesota this week and come out with a win, with their following game sure to be tough in Atlanta.

10. New Orleans Saints(6-3)- People seem to be forgetting about the defending champs. Here they are at 6-3, and they will be favored in their next four games: vs. Seattle, at Dallas, at Cincinnati, and vs. St. Louis.

11. Chicago Bears(6-3)- Their offensive line finally seems to be coming together. They're winning games just like they did in their '06 NFC Champion season: Defense and special teams. Devin Hester looks the best he has as a returner since 2007, and he's even returning kickoffs again. Video evidence here.

12. Tennessee Titans(5-4)- Vince Young returns as the starting quarterback, and he gets a Redskins defense this week that Michael Vick torched(of course, VY is no Vick). This should be a good situation to get his rhythm back.

13. Oakland Raiders(5-4)- Their #2 running game will get quite the test this week at Pittsburgh, who own the league's best run defense.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(6-3)- They're 6-3, but 0-3 against teams with winning records. They've also had the pleasure of getting to play the Panthers twice. How good are they? I don't know. What I do know, though, is that they're incredibly better than I expected them to be coming into the season, and Josh Freeman is for real.

15. Miami Dolphins(5-4)- Great win over the Titans, but how happy do they come out of that game with Chad Pennington done for the season and Chad Henne likely out at least awhile as well? Tyler Thigpen came in after their injuries and did a very good job, and I've always thought he's better than many think. He can't be that much worse than Pennington and Henne. But, getting his first start on a short week(Thursday night), in primetime, against a Bears defense that's allowing the lowest QB rating in the NFL, will be a big test.

16. Jacksonville Jaguars(5-4)- Just go here.

17. Kansas City Chiefs(5-4)- Embarrassing loss at Denver. Their pass defense really needs to improve.

18. San Diego Chargers(4-5)- Watch out for this team. Neither the Raiders or the Chiefs are going to run away with the AFC West. A win over the Broncos next Monday night, and all of a sudden the Chargers would be 5-5, and possibly in a tie for first place. Philip Rivers is playing outstanding football, and this team is full of talent. They can make a run.

19. Seattle Seahawks(5-4)- Finally had a very impressive performance on the road in their 36-18 win at Arizona. They're now the favorites to win this beyond pathetic division.

20. Houston Texans(4-5)- So much for this being the year they put it all together and win the AFC South.

21. St. Louis Rams(4-5)- They've yet to beat a good team. They'll get that opportunity this week when they host the Falcons, but I don't see that going well.

22. Cleveland Browns(3-6)- What a job Colt McCoy has done. They beat the Saints on the road, beat the Patriots at home, and lost in overtime to the Jets. They're playing some good football and their fans finally have something to be positive about.

23. Washington Redskins(4-5)- If we're judging by only last night's game, I'd have them 33rd(Yes, you read that right).

24. Minnesota Vikings(3-6)- Just shut up about them already, unless you're making Favre penis jokes.

25. San Francisco 49ers(3-6)- Troy Smith's doing a terrific job. If they can just keep getting good play from the quarterback position, they definitely have a chance in the NFC West.

26. Denver Broncos(3-6)- Well that slaughtering of a good football team came out of nowhere.

27. Arizona Cardinals(3-6)- The Cardinals are who I thought they were.

28. Dallas Cowboys(2-7)- Um, so I guess they like Jason Garrett more than Wade Phillips? And Dez Bryant's going to be a superstar if he keeps his head on straight. What a talent.

29. Cincinnati Bengals(2-7)- This team is showing why the Bengals are the Bengals. It's time for them to start looking for a new quarterback.

30. Buffalo Bills(1-8)- Finally! I've wanted to move them out of the last spot for a few weeks, as they've actually played some solid football of late, but they needed to get a, you know, actual win first. They did, and they have a good shot to get another win this week at Cincinnati.

31. Detroit Lions(2-7)- This team is showing why the Lions are the Lions. My God was that an awful performance against a winless Bills team.

32. Carolina Panthers(1-8)- I think they're quite a bit worse than any other team right now, and that's saying something.

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The Terrell Owens-Donovan McNabb relationship has been well-documented over the years. To sum it up for any of you sports fans that have been in a cave for the last decade: They don't like each other.

After McNabb signed a ridiculous five-year, $78 million extension($40 million guaranteed) today, and then followed it up with a crappy performance in an absolutely embarrassing 59-28 loss at home to the Eagles on Monday Night Football, it gave T.O. some ammo to take a shot at McNabb. And with T.O. being the huge asshole that he is, he of course did that.

Via Terrell Owens' twitter:

It will be interesting to see if McNabb has a response, and I sure hope he does. There's a billion things you could say to T.O.


"Two words: Carson. Palmer."

"How much are you enjoying that 2-7 team? Oh yeah, you don't care about anybody but yourself."

"Why are you online? Don't you have some sit-ups to do in your driveway?"

"Does it feel good that a Bills team that has only beaten the Lions this season didn't even want you back?"

"You know that you cried about Tony Romo, right? TONY ROMO!"

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Uh Oh: Where Did Mila Kunis' Cute Face Go?

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I'm starting to get a bit worried about the state of the babeosphere. First we have Cheryl Cole farting on television, and now we have Mila Kunis looking not so hot at some event. I don't like it.

That Mila picture reminds me of the Seinfeld Festivus episode, where Jerry is dating a "two-face": She looks great in some situations, and not so great in others.

Now, I can't tell you if Mila's a two-face, but I can tell you that she usually looks MUCH better than the above picture.

The good news is the thigh still looks just fine.

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(Photo Credit: Chicago Tribune)

Two Chicago Bears posts in a row- Yes, I'm a diehard Bears fan if you didn't know that already.

I also have a slight obsession(like most any Bears fan does) with Bears' wide receiver/punt returner/and now kick returner again, Devin Hester. Hester was back to return kicks yesterday against the Minnesota Vikings for the first time this season, after having four touchdowns in the role in 2006-07(and of course the touchdown on the '06 season Super Bowl opening kickoff).

The Bears had relieved Hester of the kick return duties to keep him fresher and more comfortable as a receiver, but he thinks he can handle both roles fine now:
"At one point I really tried to focus on receiver," Hester said. "I felt like I had the return game mastered down and I wanted to really focus on receiver. Now I'm feeling a little more comfortable at receiver, I can start back focusing on returns as well, maybe give me a chance to study them both."
Link(Chicago Tribune)

Hester had a 19-yard receiving touchdown, an electrifying 68-yard kick return, and a 42-yard punt return that is one of the most incredible returns I've ever seen him have, which is saying something.

Here's video of all three plays of Devin Hester being RIDICULOUS, as Bears' radio play-by-play man Jeff Joniak would say...

Devin Hester's 19-yard touchdown reception:

Devin Hester's 68-yard kick return:

Devin Hester's 42-yard punt return(Note: crappy video quality; I'll change it if I find a better video):

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On Twitter, you'll find many fake accounts of celebrities and athletes. Usually the users will make it fully aware that they're not the real person that their account may imply(Ex. VeryFakeAlDavis), but here and there you'll find some douchebags that think it's cool to actually pose as a famous person.

That's the case with some dickhead using the Twitter account @TimJennings26, which they are leading you to believe is the Twitter account for Tim Jennings, a starting cornerback for the Chicago Bears. Well, it's definitely not the real Tim Jennings.

Chris Harris, a starting safety for the Bears who happened to intercept Brett Favre's last pass yesterday, called the Jennings impostor out last night on Twitter:

@ChrisHarrisNFL: Just got a text from Tim Jennings and he said that's not him on twitter so @TimJennings26 is not the real tim jennings. He's a fake.

@ChrisHarrisNFL: Why r u impersonating Tim. Get a Life. RT @TimJennings26: Thank you all Shout Out to @Jknox13 and @DbagUoR Follow Them To!!!!

@ChrisHarrisNFL: I mean really. How Lame is it to try to b someone else RT @TimJennings26: RT @TrendsChicago: Tim Jennings, @timjennings26 is now trending in #Chicago

@ChrisHarrisNFL: Ur not verified u don't have a blue check. N Time just text me to say he's not on twitter. Once again ur lame for that RT @TimJennings26: @ChrisHarrisNFL How do i get my account verified

@ChrisHarrisNFL: Bc I don't want people to really think its him. No telling what he might say. Mistaken identity isn't good RT @LalaSim2012: @ChrisHarrisNFL if it's so lame then why pay it any mind? #whywasteyourtime
Link(Chris Harris' Twitter)

Harris then got a video of Jennings, who has a few words for the fake Jennings:

Agreed; get a life impostors. And yes, Jennings holding a Big Mac box during that made me laugh.

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The New York Giants hosted the Dallas Cowboys yesterday at New Meadowlands Stadium. It was a wild night that included the lights going out unexpectedly, something that probably shouldn't happen at a brand new stadium that was more expensive to build than any other in the world($1.6 billion). We also saw the woeful Cowboys dominate a Giants team that I thought was the best in the NFC going into the game.

So with all of that craziness going on, and booze obviously being consumed like crazy by angry fans, there was sure to be some fighting going on in the stands. Indeed there was, and it got quite bloody.

Check it out, via The Big Lead:

And more video of the incident:

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Scarlett Johansson Thigh Fives The 11/15/10 Links

Posted by Matt Clapp | 11/15/2010 02:05:00 PM | ,

Thigh Five From Scarlett Johansson, GQ's Babe Of The Year! (See More Of Scarlett at Popoholic)

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Sean Avery isn't liked by many, and it's not just because he was banging Elisha Cuthbert for awhile(although that's plenty enough reason for me). He also happens to be a complete jerkstore.

He showed how much of a dickhead he is on Sunday, when the New York Rangers hosted the Edmonton Oilers. Avery sucker punched the Oilers' Ladislav Smid, after Smid didn't like a hit Avery put on the Oilers' Colin Fraser. Then all hell broke loose, as the Oilers were understandably not happy with Avery:

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Uh Oh: Cheryl Cole Farts?

Posted by Matt Clapp | 11/15/2010 01:44:00 AM | , , , , , ,

I have some stuff on one of our Thigh of the Week alums for you, which usually is something many of you love. Unfortunately, you're probably not going to like this.

It appears that Cheryl Cole may actually fart.

Now, I always used to assume/hope that attractive girls don't poop or fart, but I've been proven wrong time and time again. I hate it. How can I picture them hot if I picture that nastiness as well?

So, Cheryl's taken a slight hit on my hotness rankings after seeing this video of her on the UK television show The X Factor. Is this a fart? I hope you can prove to me that it's not, but her awkward pause during the fart sound seems to give it away:

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Bill Clinton Will Be In 'The Hangover 2'

Posted by Matt Clapp | 11/15/2010 12:58:00 AM | , ,

Bill Clinton is going to make a cameo in The Hangover 2, the sequel to the incredibly successful and hilarious film. No really, the former President of the United States seriously is going to be in the movie, playing himself.

Clinton filmed his cameo yesterday in Bangkok, Thailand:
Sure enough, that will be the former president sharing screen-time with the fun-loving guys in The Hangover 2, now filming in Thailand, a Clinton source confirms to PEOPLE.

Clinton, who'll play himself in the comedy, shot his brief appearance on Saturday in Bangkok, where part of the production takes place. He was in the capital city to deliver a speech on clean energy.

Very freaking cool. I also find it interesting that they are filming in Thailand, meaning the gang's latest adventure must be a part of a tropical vacation.

The Hangover 2 is set for a Memorial Day 2011 release.

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