So You Were Able To Score A Super Bowl Ticket... Awesome! Now You Just Have To Pay Up To $990 For Parking | Sharapova's Thigh

The people that emptied out their bank accounts for Super Bowl XLV might be reconsidering that decision when they see this: it's going to cost up to $990(more than the ticket might cost you) for a parking spot outside of Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Now, that's up to $990, with parking spots available at the price of $55 a mile away from the stadium. Still, that's ridiculous.

Here's more on it, via ESPN Dallas:

According to, there is a spot available a tenth of a mile from Cowboys Stadium going for $990 at 908 North Collins at Parking. To be fair, you would have access to a restroom, on-site security and the ability to tailgate.

The other prices range from $550 at Ballpark Valero Event Parking, which also is a tenth of a mile away, to $55 at Five Georges Parking, a mile away near Six Flags.

The NFL offers parking -- -- at Six Flags for $71.40, plus tax and shipping for those attending the game, and will include free shuttle service to the stadium gates.

But it does not allow for tailgating.

I'd say the best call would be to find a cab, or take the $55/71.40 spots that are a mile away, and then crash other people's tailgating spots in the lot.

But if I'm going to the Super Bowl, there's no doubt I'm tailgating my ass off, and I'm sure most others would feel the same way. So this is quite the crappy situation for fans attending the game.

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