This Guy & His Monkey Are Way Too Excited About Crappy Starting Lineup Figures | Sharapova's Thigh

The monkey thinks you'd be a fool to not want a Brian McRae action figure.

Many of you may remember the "40 Most Undeserving MLB Starting Lineup Figures Ever" post that I did in 2009. While the Starting Lineup figures in the video that you're about to see may not be worthy of being on such a list, they're not exactly "Ken Griffey Jr." quality either.

But, this guy in the video is really impressed with his Starting Lineup figures, and uses his monkey stuffed animal to show them to you/try to sell them to you(he had them on ebay and discusses what he thinks their actual value is), in a highly annoying, Cartman-esque voice.

Additionally, he has the figures laying on grass, presumably in his backyard. So it's possible that already craptastic Vin Baker figure was laying in actual crap. Super.

Here's the video:


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