Valley High Or Jessie Spano Fanatic?- Man Shatters A.C. Slater Photo In Bar | Sharapova's Thigh

I bring you some Bayside drama that is sure to have Mr. Belding shaking his bald head.

A man at "Mullets Sports Bar" in Chicago took off a framed photo of A.C. Slater that was hanging above a urinal and smashed it on the floor last week:
Police were called last week to Mullets Sports Bar & Restaurant in Homer Glen to deal with an angry customer who allegedly shattered a framed photo of A.C. Slater, a fictional, mullet-wearing jock played by Mario Lopez in the 1990s television series "Saved by the Bell."
And why did the guy do it?

"I just don't like Slater," the man reportedly told the owner after allegedly yanking the photo from its place of pride above a urinal and smashing it on the floor. The owner told police the bathroom door also was damaged.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Fair enough.

My guess is this guy is a Valley High fan(the rival of Slater's Bayside Tigers), or maybe always had a thing for Slater's girl, Jessie Spano.

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