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Yesterday I showed you how after current Cincinnati Reds manager, Dusty Baker, was fired as Chicago Cubs manager in 2006, he found human crap in the spot he usually stood at in the Wrigley Field dugout.

Well today, I'm thinking maybe St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright should take a dump on not just Dusty Baker's dugout spot in Cincinnati, but on Reds outfielder Jonny Gomes' usual location as well.

Wainwright, one of the best right-handed starting pitchers in all of baseball, appears to have a serious elbow injury that could sideline him for the entire season and require Tommy John Surgery. Such an injury may never allow Wainwright to pitch at the level he did before the injury, if he's even able to return to the majors.

But, Baker and Gomes sounded giddy over Wainwright's injury that will likely keep him out of the NL Central this season:
Jonny Gomes walked into the Cincinnati Reds spring training clubhouse early Wednesday morning singing at the top of his warbly voice.

The melody was not recognizable, but the words were plaintive: “Wainwright’s gone, Wainwright’s gone, Wainwright’s gone,” he sang joyously.

The reference was to St. Louis Cardinals starting pitcher Adam Wainwright, sent back to St. Louis Tuesday to have his ouchy elbow examined.

A few minutes later, the telephone in manager Dusty Baker’s office rang while he was meeting with the writers and he said, “Hey, son. Thank you, my son. Thank you big-time. Significant, huh? A significant injury. Thank you, my son, for the tip. I love you.”

Baker hung up laughing and said, “That was my son, Darren, giving me the Wainwright Report. That’s my scout right there.”
H/T: Dayton Daily News

Stay classy, Reds.

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