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J.D. Drew's always fascinated me. I swear he almost always has the exact same look on his face as the above picture shows. I've never seen him smile. It creeps me out a bit.

And now I find out he hunts alligators with the knife he carries around, if his bow and arrow or gun are not on hand. As told by Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe:

According to J.D., you can hunt alligators with a bow and arrow or a gun. Or you can use his method. Drew said he was in a boat with his son once when they hooked an alligator with a fishing lure. He had his son hold the pole and took position to try and leap on the alligator. “I figured I could get him myself,” he said. “He was about five or six feet.”

“With your bare hands?” I asked.

J.D. gave me his best “no, you stupid city boy” look. “I had a knife,” he said.

But the line snapped and the gator got away. J.D. missed his chance. So next time you read about J.D. missing a game with a bad hamstring and consider complaining, consider that this is a guy who was willing to jump out of a perfectly good boat and attack a man-sized alligator with a knife.

I will be staying away from J.D. Drew.

H/T: Boston Globe; HardballTalk

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