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You may know that I run a Chicago Cubs blog, The Friendly Blogfines. For the most part, I like to keep that site a bit "cleaner" than this one, with some serious baseball analysis and much less of the joshing around that you'll see over here.

So when I found a story about former Cubs manager Dusty Baker saying that in 2006 someone took a shit where he usually stands in the dugout, I figured that's probably more suited for here than The Blogfines:
In 2006, he was fired.

And losing his job wasn’t the worst insult. Not even close.

“At the very end, somebody took a dump right where I stood in the dugout every day,” Baker said Monday morning. “That was the low point. The grounds crew guy cleaned it up. He said, ‘Oh, I think it’s dog crap.’ I said, ‘No it ain’t. That’s human crap.’”

Baker said Monday’s interview was the first time he had discussed the incident publicly. He doesn’t know who the perpetrator was.
Link(Fox Sports)

I'm just going to go ahead and assume it was a player, because it's more interesting that way. Also, it's more likely that way.

Dusty's a super friendly, respected guy, and I doubt he pissed off a Wrigley Field employee enough to make that happen. I suppose an absolute diehard Cubs fan that works there could've been angry enough at the Cubs' results under Dusty to make that happen, but it's unlikely. I can't see it being another coach or front office member either. There has to be some youth and immaturity involved here.

Which brings us to my two most likely candidates from the 2006 Cubs squad, Carlos Zambrano and Ronny Cedeno.

Zambrano is Zambrano. You know why he'd do it- He's batshit crazy(and maybe dugoutshit crazy as well). The "voices in his head" may have told him to do it.

As for Ronny Cedeno, well, he was 23 then, and is still not exactly one of the smarter guys in the league now. We always used to joke as Cubs fans that he'd run to third base out of the box instead of first base. Hell, he once was caught stealing on a walk(true story). He could've seriously thought Dusty's dugout spot was where the toilet was located and made an honest mistake.

But, we may never truly know who the pooper was. Who do you think did it?

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