While I Was Sleeping, Jose Canseco Got Mad Ron Artest Stole The Thigh's Crazy Athlete/Former Athlete Twitter Spotlight | Sharapova's Thigh

Ron Artest went all Ron Artest on Twitter early in the Tuesday morning, as I showed you soon after. It was incredibly amazing/awesome/loony/is-this-really-happening stuff.

Well, I went to sleep about an hour later, and just missed a tweet from @hawknut at that time:

@sharapovasthigh Oh boy...Canseco must've seen Artest's tweets, he's gettin' on it now...

After seeing that, I of course immediately went over to Jose Canseco's Twitter page. Those of you that read The Thigh much surely know we've had much fun with Canseco's Twitter.

I'm glad to say that the latest installment of the "Jose Canseco Proves He Is Indeed A Roid-Raged Psycho" Twitter series, is as always, GOLD, JERRY.

Here are the tweets(start with the last tweet on the first image, and do the same for the following images):

A-Rod, please accept Canseco's challenge. I am begging you.

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