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In the summer before my senior year of high school, my buddy and I started playing some tennis at the local park. It was just a fun activity to get in shape and enjoy the sun.

We had absolutely no idea what the hell we were doing, and were baseball players. So because of our swing technique, about half of the shots we'd take would land outside of the tennis court.

As for the rules, the only ones we knew were from playing Virtua Tennis like we were getting paid to on Sega Dreamcast, or from watching the occasional tennis on television.

Well, when school started back up, we'd joked around with the high school tennis coach(who we'd both been friends with prior to this) about how we'd been hitting the tennis ball around quite a bit in the previous few months. He told us to play for the team, to which my friend and I just laughed at.

He said something along the lines of, "No, seriously. You guys are athletic and can pick the game up quickly. I'll help you with that. It will also keep you in good shape for the baseball season. If you suck, oh well. It'll be fun."

So my buddy and I thought it over and ultimately decided, "Sure, why not?"

Our coach had us scrimmaging against the bottom of the doubles teams to begin with. I remember the first day; yikes. The two guys we played kicked our asses and laughed about how clueless we were with the rules and whatnot.

As our coach suggested would be the case, we indeed started to pick the game up quickly after that. In what couldn't have been more than two weeks after those guys destroyed us, we destroyed them. They were no longer laughing at us.

After being a laughable afterthought, we were quickly moving up the Varsity doubles ranks on our team. Coach had us at #5(so we were playing the other schools' #5 doubles teams) to start the season, and would be the #2 doubles team just a month later.

One match was particularly memorable and an absolute, "Hey, we're getting actually decent at this sport" moment. Our match was the last one going on between the two schools. The score between the two schools was tied, so our match was deciding the winner. Every player from each team, and every person that had been in attendance, now turned their attention to our court. Quite a bit of pressure on a couple of guys that couldn't even get a serve inbounds just a few months before this.

The conclusion of the match went into a tiebreaker, which we had never been in before. So we're standing around having no idea what to do, with the other team explaining to us what to do on each point. The match went down to the last possible point, and we won. We went nuts like we had won a national championship. We got on the team bus and were treated like kings by the rest of our team.

In all my years of playing sports, that was probably my most enjoyable moment, in what was my most enjoyable season as an athlete. We just went out and had fun, which I think actually made us play much better.

And I think if we'd been playing singles instead of doubles, it wouldn't have been nearly as fun. My buddy and I had a blast out there together, quoting movies, doing our stupid celebrations, etc. Additionally, we knew each other's games more than anybody else did, so we could basically serve as coaches for each other on the court. When you're out there playing singles, you don't have that luxury.

Anyway, I was reminded about all of that, and decided I'd share all of that, because of an absolutely incredible video involving doubles tennis action that I came across. Doubles takes a very distant back seat to singles in the spotlight, mainly because there's not much room on the court for highlight-esque plays. It's not like singles where Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are running all over the court to make a ridiculous play. You basically have your "area", and that's the area you will be around most of the time.

But finally, let's get to the video that is likely the only thing 99% of you care about in this post.

Watch tennis stars Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic battle Mikhail Youzhny and Sergiy Stakhovsky in this unbelievable doubles point from the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami:

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