Devin Hester Tweets Response To Lame New NFL Kickoff Rules | Sharapova's Thigh

The NFL has approved the Competition Committee's proposal to move kickoffs from the 30- to the 35-yard line.

Two-man wedges are still allowed, but touchbacks will soar across the league. The idea is to improve player safety. Touchbacks will still be returned to the 20-yard line in the "modified" proposal. The Committee initially recommended to move them up to the 25-yard line and disallow wedges altogether. Regardless, players like Devin Hester and Leon Washington now have less value.
(Link: Rotoworld)

I hate this rule and all of the rule changes we keep seeing for player safety. It's a gladiator sport; keep it that way. It's what we pay a ton of money to see and why the NFL has been the most popular sport in America.

The kickoff is where the excitement starts. It's also where a team can immediately make up for their defense sucking on the previous drive. And the NFL basically says with this rule, "Let's try for more touchbacks so there's a 1% less chance of a player getting injured." Fun stuff guys.

And yeah, I definitely don't like the new rule as a Bears fan, since the Bears of course have the best kick return unit in the NFL. Devin Hester is of course a part of that, and he tweeted a response to the rule changes:

Link(Devin Hester's Twitter)

Love it.

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