Here's The Greatest Basketball Shot From A Child After A Non-Travel Call That You'll See Today/Ever | Sharapova's Thigh

This kid you're about to see totally traveled, but since NBA players get away with it, I figure you can't get too mad at refs in a youth league for letting the little fellas take some extra steps.

That's especially the case if the refs had some sort of suspicion that the kid would make a ridiculous shot from past halfcourt to tie the game as time expired. It would've won the game, but judging by the scoreboard, the league apparently only counts three-point shots as being worth two points. Lame-o. How's a kid going to want to be the next Matt Bonner that way?

Video, via Boston Barstool Sports:

Loving that crowhop, kid. Apparently he's been watching a Tom Emanski basketball drills video. Whatever works and gets you more of the third grade girls in your class to hang with you at recess I guess.

Also, that was a tough choice for "highlight of the game" I'm sure.

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