Here's Video Of Blake Griffin Getting The Best Offensive Foul Dunk Ever | Sharapova's Thigh

In last night's Clippers-Suns game, Blake Griffin had an amazing dunk. Ho-hum; he does it every game.

But this time, he fouled out on the play, as he was called for a charge that was taken by Marcin Gortat. So the dunk didn't count. Then after he disagreed with the call, he got a technical foul as well.

I can't blame him. I mean, even if the charge was the right call(which is very debatable), you have to let this dunk stand solely based on its awesomeness. Shit, the Clippers should've been awarded an automatic win for it.

Anyway, this is easily the coolest way to foul out of a game and get a technical foul:

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