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I Feel Like I'm Watching Jaws

Posted by Matt Clapp | 3/23/2011 01:02:00 PM | , ,

This video I found via BroBible looks like a scene straight out of Jaws:

The difference is that guy didn't get eaten or at least have a leg chomped off, because that's a basking shark approaching his kayak. Basking sharks, which are the world's second-largest shark, don't eat people; they eat plankton. And their teeth are tiny anyway if one decided to go against their traditional eating habits.

Still, that video has quite a terrifying feel to it. You've got a 20-foot shark approaching a dude that's just chilling on his kayak, while all of these people scream from the pier to him about the shark's path.

The kayaker apparently jumped into the Panama City Beach water and swam with the shark as well, according to the video uploader, Captain Linda Cavitt:

yes he was eaten part 2 is coming....j/k no it's a docile basking shark, they eat plankton. The kayaker did jump in the water and swim with the shark though but as soon as Josh grabbed it's tail the shark swam away from him

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