Kaley Cuoco Goes From Shake Weight To Weird Mascots | Sharapova's Thigh

On Monday we featured Kaley Cuoco on the site for the first time. We showed you how Kaley Cuoco owns a shake weight, and demonstrated her skills with it on Ellen. You all loved it.

Now, she's rolling with weirdass mascots. Wait, what? She made the shake weight to mascot transition?

I'm not liking this. Kaley, more shake weight, less mascots. We're trying to get you more respect on here, but shit like this just isn't going to cut it. It's hard to focus on your hot self when these creepy things are also in the picture.

And please don't tell me there was a reason you were practicing with that shake weight before seeing the mascots.

P.S. What in the fuck are those mascots supposed to be?

H/T: Hollywood Tuna

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