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Derek Jeter is the greatest New York athlete ever according to New York residents polled by the Siena College Research Institute.

From the New York Post:
Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter was voted the greatest New York athlete ever, with slugging right fielder Babe Ruth coming in a close second, according to a poll released Tuesday.

Jeter -- a five-time World Series champion -- earned 14 percent of the vote, while 11 percent tipped their hats to Ruth, according to the poll conducted by the Siena College Research Institute.

Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle and former Jets quarterback Joe Namath rounded out the top five.

Jeter -- 74 hits away from becoming the only player to get 3,000 all in a Yankees uniform -- earned 17 percent of the female vote and 10 percent of the male vote.

Ruth, the Hall of Fame slugger who retired in 1935, topped Jeter among men with 14 percent.
Um, hello, McFly! Anybody home?!

Look, I get that Derek Jeter is the most popular current(which surely makes quite a difference in these polls) athlete in New York, that he's been with the Yankees for 16 seasons and counting, that he's won five World Series titles there, etc.

I also get that the ladies absolutely love him, so of course they're going to vote for him. They shouldn't have even been polled because of that. And the men did vote more for Babe Ruth as the above excerpt shows(but only by four percent).

But come on, this is embarrassing. "The Sultan of Swat. The King of Crash. The Colossus of Clout. THE GREAT BAMBINO!"

Babe fucking Ruth; it's a landslide. It's sad that it even needs to be questioned, and much sadder that when it actually was questioned, he wasn't the most chosen answer.

Look at these stats...

Batting Average: .342(10th all-time)

On-Base Percentage: .474 (4th all-time)

Slugging Percentage: .690 (1st all-time)

On-Base+Slugging Percentage: 1.164 (1st all-time)

Home Runs: 714 (3rd all-time)

Runs Batted In: 2,213 (2nd all-time)

Link: Baseball Reference

Yeah, he was pretty good. Like, the best ever to play baseball good. Not to mention there was a freaking curse named after him for the Yankees' rival Boston Red Sox, after the Red Sox stunk it up for 86 years following the sale of Ruth to the Yankees.

Again, I get how Jeter won the poll, but a vote for anybody other than Ruth is the wrong vote, and there's not a single good argument to try to prove otherwise.

Study up a bit on your history, New York.

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