Thanks To This Music Video, Friday Is Now My Least Favorite Day Of The Week | Sharapova's Thigh

By now you may have seen this music video already, as it's gone viral over the last few days for all the wrong reasons. What it is, is, well, THE WORST MUSIC VIDEO EVER.

At the same time, it's so bad that it's quite fascinating- I hate it so damn much, but I've found myself watching it multiple times now because I can't believe it's real. And what this means is I will inevitably have this horrible song stuck in my head in the near future, while picturing the horribleness that is happening in the video.

Anyway, it's a music video for Rebecca Black's "Friday". Before you bring me the, "Leave them alone; they're 13-year-old kids!" shit, keep in mind that many adults go into producing this. So don't feel bad about hating on it.

Even though afterwards you may(okay, you definitely will) hate that you watched this, you still must watch it:

Now after seeing that, you must check out this great post Guyism did:

FAQ: More on Rebecca Black and the “Friday” song and music video

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