This 106-Year-Old Lakers Fan Hates Lamar Odom | Sharapova's Thigh

Charlotte Cross is a die-hard Lakers fan. She also happens to be an incredible 106 years old, and still watches every single Lakers game. The fact that she's still living after watching that many games of her own team shows they've been pretty successful. No way the Cubs alone will let me live anywhere close to that age. They've surely taken years off my life already.

Anyway, like most die-hard fans, Charlotte has that one player on her team that drives her crazy. Who is it on the Lakers? Veteran forward Lamar Odom:
Charlotte is not the sort of fan who shouts at the TV, but if she does have a gripe, it's usually with Lamar Odom. She complains that the Lakers forward and husband of reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, "isn't energetic enough."

Her eyesight is going though, Tony tells me, so Charlotte sometimes blames Odom for things that aren't even his fault. "She'll get mad that Lamar is missing a basket when in reality he actually made it."
Link: OC Register

So take that, Lamar! You may have a dream life that 99.9% of us are envious of, but the elderly do not like you.


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