This Guy Getting His Kinect To Work With His PS3: Real Or Fake? | Sharapova's Thigh

A dude named Shantanu Goel claims to have figured out something that should have some very interesting responses in the video game industry. Basically, Shantanu claims to have hacked Microsoft controller-free Kinect and made it work with his Sony Playstation 3.

Here's what he has to say on his blog about it:
I’ve created a mashup that allows you to use kinect as an input controller for the PS3.

Please note that this is pre-alpha quality software currently. I haven’t updated to a lot of recent code for the below libraries and also haven’t done most of the performance/feature improvements yet. The axis performance specially needs lot of tweaking and it works well only while sitting. Putting this out purely as a proof of concept.

And here's the video of him putting it to use:

Now immediately after I saw this, I thought "Maybe there's somebody standing behind him using a controller." And many of the commenters of the video on YouTube are saying the same thing. There seem to be more people that think it's a fake on there than believe it's real.

However, there's also multiple people saying they've followed his instructions and have also gotten it to work. I will say that his write-up and all seem pretty legitimate.

I have no clear opinion... but I'm leaning "real". If nothing else, I respect his effort to get his blog a ton of hits. And if it's real on top of that? Major props.

What do you think?

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