This Is What Awesomely Catching A Baseball Bat That's Flying At You In The Stands Looks Like | Sharapova's Thigh

It's getting ridiculous how many baseball bats are flying into the stands these days. It's a combination of dudes forgetting to pine tar their bat handles up and so many of them using the maple wood bats that break easier than Rosie O'Donnell chomps down a cupcake. If I have a kid or am rolling with some old person that has no reflexes left, I'm avoiding the ten rows over each dugout like the plague. It's not worth the safety risk to me, as awesome as those seats may be.

But if you are sitting in such a spot where a flying bat could head your way, this is how you catch that thing, keep yourself and everybody around you safe, and most importantly, hold onto your beer:

That was the bat of the Atlanta Braves' Dan Uggla in a Spring Training game this past Friday against the Toronto Blue Jays. The guy that made the incredible grab of the bat is named Mitch Davie, and he is officially an American hero and badass.

H/T: The Seattle Times

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