This Is What Happens Each Summer In Estes Park | Sharapova's Thigh

I moved to Colorado(where I still am) when I was in sixth grade, and the elementary school's semester had already started. A couple of weeks into school, we had to go on a week-long field trip to Estes Park. I'd never even heard of Estes Park, but it was probably the best thing that could've happened to me as an introduction to Colorado.

Estes Park is an absolutely beautiful mountain town, with ideal outdoor activity everywhere near the area. Rocky Mountain National Park is located there, and we spent much time hiking there on our trip. What it didn't take long to find out is that there are a shitload of elk there. And those motherfuckers are huge, intimidating animals.

Well, in the summer, the elk are really out and about around the town, as this very cool video shows:

Crazy. They're just going to Taco Bell for some lunch, going for a nice walk around town in the sun, hanging at the golf course, fighting over chicks... they sound way too much like us.

And what's the deal with the people(clearly idiot tourists as the locals have to know better) in the video just standing around the elk like they're all at a singles mingle? Hey old fart in the purple sweater, stop thinking about your diet coke and get the fuck out of there. That's an angry 900-pound beast that probably just had some other 900-pound beast rail his woman and he's not in the mood for your Dick Cheney-like giggles about that Murder, She Wrote episode you just watched. You're lucky he didn't make you look like a blood-filled coat hanging on his antlers.

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