Very Sad News: That's Not Actually Natalie Portman's Ass | Sharapova's Thigh

By now you've likely seen either the photos, or the trailer for Your Highness, that show Natalie Portman's ass in a thong. Well, FilmDrunk's done some extensive research to learn that it's not actually Portman's fine ass, but a body double's.

Now, as FilmDrunk explains, the following picture(where her crack is blocked) is indeed 100% Portman:

But the ones where her ass is facing you when she's about to dive into the water? Apparently not her.

Here's those NSFW-ish photos:

Man, I'm really starting to get sick of these body doubles and CGI "doubles" for these hot actresses. These films promote it over and over to get you into the theater, and afterward you go around telling all your friends, "Holy shit they did actually show Natalie Portman's ass! You have to see it."

Then weeks later you all find out you've been staring at the ass of some second-rate model you've never heard of and will never see again, or like in the case of Jessica Alba's half-nude shower scene in Machete, a fucking computer-created body.

Well film companies, we're not going to buy into this shit much longer. Soon(and for me already), whenever we hear a Portman, Alba, Megan Fox, or Scarlett Johansson type of actress is showing off their bare goods in a movie, we're going to immediately assume that's not actually their bare goods. I'll wait for much more evidence to prove otherwise, like quotes from the actual actresses that say something like, "Yeah, you better believe that's my fine ass. You've all been begging me to show it off and I finally did. Impressed? Thought so."

Even after that, I'm still just going to look at the pictures on the Internet instead of dropping $10 to see some shitty movie.

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