Want To See An Actually Impressive Dunk Over A Car? Here You Go: | Sharapova's Thigh

The Blake Griffin dunk over a car pissed me off for many reasons. Example:

1. It confirmed, as speculated leading up to the dunk contest, that the contest was rigged.

2. It turned out we were basically watching the filming of a Kia commercial.

3. I'm sick and tired of the prop dunks.

4. The dunk was weak for Blake Griffin. Dude does better dunks in pretty much every single game he plays. All of the other dunks in the contest he did were better. Additionally, it was just over the hood of the car, not even the middle. He's going to easily clear that.

As I said on #3, I'm sick of these dunks that include the props. But since I found the Griffin car dunk so unimpressive, I've been waiting for somebody else to do an actually impressive car dunk to prove Griffin's wasn't very good. And along came And 1's Guy Dupuy to do that.

Watch as Dupuy jumps over the middle of a car, and puts the ball through his legs in mid-air before throwing down a dunk:

(Update: YouTube video was taken down, but I found another video of it on Ball Don't Lie)

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