Watch A Fat Kid Destroy A Little Kid That Asked For It | Sharapova's Thigh

The big kid/little kid fights go down on the reg in grade school. We've all seen them tons of times. I've always been a skinny and weak dude and I knew to not talk shit to schoolmates or I'd get my ass kicked. So I kept my cool and nothing ever went down.

Some of the smaller kids just don't get it though, like Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid. Dude got shit-talked to because he was the new kid in school and had Elisabeth Shue's character all over his nuts, which bothered her ex, Johnny Lawrence.

Rather than just shake it off and do his thing with the hottest chick in school, LaRusso let Lawrence and the Cobra Kais get to him. Bad idea. Those guys are all black belts and twice his size. Yeah, it all worked out for him in the end, but Johnny Lawrence and the Cobra Kai gang absolutely whooped his ass first. It would've continued had LaRusso not had Mr. Miyagi randomly appearing on the streets late at night to bail him out by beating up the Cobra Kais, and then teaching LaRusso how to also be a badass at karate. Lucky break.

Well this guy had no Miyagi around when he started talking shit to a much bigger kid at school. Then he tossed a couple weak punches, and finally fat boy decided he'd had enough of the little punk.

Watch what happens:

You got what you deserved, kid. Hopefully a lesson learned.

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