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Major League Baseball pitcher Livan Hernandez is clearly full of rage. I mean, do you remember when he tried to hit a 65-year-old dude with a golf club? And about that, do you really need a golf club to beat up a senior citizen when you're a professional baseball player?

He's also paid people $50 if they let him punch them in the groin, and an additional $300 for every 10th punch. Wait, what?

From D.C. Sports Bog, via The Wall Street Journal:

Pitcher Livan Hernandez became something of a sadistic benefactor when he arrived in Arizona in 2006. Motuzas said Hernandez once paid him $3,000 to drink a gallon of milk in 12 minutes. The two also hammered out a deal that permitted Hernandez to punch Motuzas in the groin for $50 a pop whenever he felt the urge. Motuzas would receive a $300 bonus after every 10th punch.

Things got really interesting one season when Hernandez got his hands on some rubber nunchucks. (”A gift from a fan,” former Diamondbacks pitcher Brandon Webb said.) Hernandez, who now pitches for the Washington Nationals, would put them to use now and then by blindfolding Motuzas. “And then he’d come up and whip the s--- out of me,” said Motuzas, who was compensated for this, as well. “That was just his thing. Great guy, though.”
Jeff Motuzas is a bullpen catcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and as that linked Wall Street Journal article(which you should definitely read) shows, will eat or drink pretty much anything for money. And he'll apparently let you punch him in the balls for money as well.

I've spent literally the last hour wondering to myself, "Would I let Livan Hernandez punch me in the balls for $50, and receive a 10th punch for an extra $300?" To the latter part, I would not allow that, especially if these punches come anywhere close to repeatedly.

I would have to be drunk or on painkillers to willingly take a single punch for $50 I think. That's really all I can come up with. And even then, there's no guarantees. I sit here and say, "Yeah, maybe I'd do that." But if Livan Hernandez walks up to me getting ready to strike, I could see myself backing out of that deal rather quickly. And if there's any golf clubs or nunchucks nearby, I'm especially getting the hell out of that.

Also, does it make you crazier to pay people to let you punch them in the balls, or to be the one receiving the punches for money? That's another interesting topic for debate.

Anyway guys... poll time:

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