4-Year-Old Golfer Having A Fun Time Drilling That Guy In The Cart At The Driving Range | Sharapova's Thigh

I don't golf(except if it's of the Putt Putt variety of course). I love the sport and would play... if I were not God awful at it. I played baseball from the age of four through high school, and it was evident in the few times I tried golfing back in those days. Pretty much every time somebody saw me swing a golf club: "You play baseball, don't you?"

So I've pretty much given up on that. I have tennis as my "sport to play if somehow I make it past the age of 55".

But this four-year-old golfer's got it going on, and is going to have a fun time at the driving range for years to come it appears if he keeps up with his "Drill the ball picker golf cart guy" routine.

Check it out:

You know the guy in the cart was so close to being like, "You wanna go, little shithead?!"

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