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A Few Things...

Posted by Matt Clapp | 4/03/2011 09:22:00 PM

So my laptop's hard drive is shot. Not cool at all.

The super geeks at the Best Buy Geek Squad are going to fix it, but they're waiting for me to get the Windows recovery disc(which they don't include with the fucking laptop purchases these days) from the asshats at Toshiba. I'm not happy about it. We're talking a potential two weeks or so without my baby. So if you're wondering why things have been slow around here the last couple days, that's a reason. I'm using my roommate's PC, but he's been out of town and could be home any minute. And believe it or not, I'm not going to go to a library or something to look up chicks in bikinis on a public computer. So who knows how much Thigh work will be up here in the next week or so. I'll do my best though, especially while my roommate is gone for work from the morning to evening, so keep coming back.

Also, I really fucking wish I knew how to do well with HTML shit. I changed the placement of the Facebook "Like" button on each post and all hell broke loose. The Twitter button was showing up all over the page on each separate post on the front page, so I lost that for the time being. If you're kind enough to link our stuff on Twitter, just go to Twitter itself and do that. My apologies, and hopefully I'll learn how to read the foreign language that is HTML soon.

Plus my Cubs had a shitty loss today to the fucking Pirates for the second time in three days, so I'm not in a good mood. We'll be updating the Cubs blog, The Friendly Blogfines, much more that Justin Agla and I run.

Also, I run theScore.Com's Buzz section on weekends so make sure to bookmark that. If you like our stuff, you'll like the stuff over there. Even if you're not much of a fan of my work, Andrew Stoeten and Chris Dart to a sensational job and find hilarious and awesome content from the sports world regularly to post about.

And make sure to bookmark AwfulAnnouncing.Com, which I also contribute for. It's an awesome group of writers over there and constantly great content about sports broadcasting.

One last plug... you can "Like" us on Facebook.

Cheers, and don't hesitate to send us in your tips, suggestions, or stuff like Thigh of the Week recommendations.

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