Here's Video Of Charlie Villanueva Going Apeshit At Ryan Hollins | Sharapova's Thigh

In fourth quarter action of tonight's Detroit Pistons-Cleveland Cavaliers game, the Pistons' Charlie Villanueva got tangled up with the Cavaliers' Ryan Hollins. And then all hell broke loose.

Villanueva and Hollins were quickly separated after basically trying to rip each other's heads off, but after Villanueva was ejected, he absolutely lost his mind. He tried sprinting after the Cavs' bench to fight Hollins, but was held back after trying hard to get away. He then signaled at Hollins to meet in the Cavs' locker room area, and ran down that tunnel in that direction, again while people tried to hold him back.

Here's video of the scene:

Understandably, they take that sort of stuff seriously at the Palace following the Pacers-Pistons fight in the stands years ago. But part of me wishes Villanueva got away and his fight with Hollins continued. That was going to be some super crazy shit.

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