Is This The Worst Customized MLB Jersey Ever? | Sharapova's Thigh

On my Cubs blog, The Friendly Blogfines, I recently posted a picture of a guy wearing a customized Cubs jersey with "Favre" on the back. Why anybody would customize a Favre baseball jersey, especially in a city where he's never played for their football team, I will never understand in a million years. There's not a single good explanation for it.

So, I couldn't believe that. I figured I wouldn't see another customized jersey nearly as bad anytime soon. Then I came across this picture on Buzzfeed:

Wow. I mean, wow.

If you don't understand the message he's trying to provide with his jersey, other than "I'm a giant douchebag", it's about Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg(#37), who is out for the season after needing Tommy John surgery.

As fun as Strasburg is to watch, part of me now doesn't want him to ever return to pitching in the majors, just to make this guy look like an even bigger douche(if that's possible).

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