Peyton Hillis Is The Madden '12 Cover Boy | Sharapova's Thigh

If you believe in curses, you probably want to pass on Peyton Hillis in your 2011 fantasy football draft, as the Cleveland Browns' running back will be on the cover of EA Sports' Madden '12 video game.

Hillis beat out Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in the final round of fan voting to decide who would be on the cover. And if Vick won, that would've gotten some interesting reactions to say the least.

But Peyton Hillis, a white running back?! Who saw that coming? Certainly not Josh McDaniels, who shipped Hillis from the Broncos to the Browns before the 2010 offseason for quarterback Brady Quinn.

Now, McDaniels is no longer the Broncos' head coach, Quinn is the Broncos' third-string quarterback, and Hillis is a star running back that is a cover boy for the incredibly popular Madden video game.

Hillis is the youngest player to be on the Madden cover at 25 years old, and also gets around $125,000 for being on the cover(H/T: Darren Rovell).

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