Thigh of the Week: Rhian Sugden | Sharapova's Thigh

I totally keep lying(and I haven't been meaning to), with my, "I promise we'll be doing 'Thigh of the Week' posts once a week instead of once every couple of months" comments in recent months. But now, I'M SERIOUS. I promise we're going to do them weekly again. It's a staple of the site and we need to get back at it. And as always, don't hesitate to e-mail in your suggestions(and suggestions/tips for anything else) to

Anyway, here's our latest golden thigh:

Rhian Sugden

Rhian Sugden is a 24-year-old British model, best known for being a Page Three Girl and Bamma Ring Girl. She's also apparently in Your Highness.

Whatever. All that matters is she's ridiculously hot. Here's more pictures:

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