This Footage Of Japanese People Outrunning A Tsunami Wave Is Not From A Movie | Sharapova's Thigh

More than 27,000 people were killed or are missing after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake, and subsequent tsunami struck Japan on March 11th. Loved ones lost. Homes and cherished personal belongings lost. Communities lost. It's just an absolute tragedy, that mentally and economically, the Japanese may not fully recover from anytime soon.

I've been hesitant to post any of the videos and whatnot following the tragedy. Bone-chilling, harrowing stuff just really isn't our style at the Thigh.

But, I came across a video last night that was too amazing for me to not share with you.

It involves people in Iwaki City running away(well, a few of them for some reason weren't exactly in a hurry at first as you'll see) as a killer wave chases after them. They are able to reach higher ground right before the wave can eat them up. Everybody in the video survived(it sounds like). Otherwise, I wouldn't be posting it.

It's a very scary video. There's a ton of frantic screaming, and just seeing the wave come after the people trying to get away will probably send a shiver down your spine. So, you've been warned.

Anyway, here's the video, which looks straight out of a natural disaster-based movie:


Now, for a video about the tsunami aftermath that won't scare the hell out of you, and actually make you smile, watch as this dog is reunited with its owner after miraculously surviving over three weeks at sea:

Amazing, heartwarming stuff, and just another example of why dogs are awesome.

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