Wind vs. Reporter | Sharapova's Thigh

And the wind with the win in blowout(no pun intended) fashion:

Stop whining and let the hat go, lady. So your hair's going to look horrible on local Palm Springs television in a billion mph wind storm? Big whoop, nobody cares.

You've got thousands of geezers in Palm Springs wondering whether or not this wind will allow them to hit the links tomorrow. Not to mention the camera guy has probably been waiting for hours to hit up the bar at Marriott Desert Springs and hopefully meet a princess there like A.C. Slater did in that episode which Jessie Spano's dad gets married(Yeah, I've stayed at that hotel a couple times and it's pretty badass).

Just get to the point, finish up the report, and everybody comes out a winner. Instead, even the Knicks are embarrassed with the performance, and the camera guy probably just ended up trying to drink himself to death for having to deal with your ass all day.

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