Would You Have Guessed That This Guy Has The World's Largest Penis? | Sharapova's Thigh

Not. A. Chance. In. Hell.

I mean, if you put this guy next to about any other guy, I would've guessed the other guy has the bigger dick about every time. I'm absolutely stunned right now. I have a look on my face like I just saw a ghost.

A nine-incher that turns into a 13.5-inch boner? Man. You know that anybody that sees that mold in his pants immediately assumes it's a gun, or even a toy lightsaber with how nerdy this guy looks.

And usually you just assume that the ladies are going to be all about the big dong. But this big? I'm not seeing it. I just don't see many ladies being interested in having a baseball bat rammed in their box, especially with the cervical concerns that the clinical psychologist in the video mentioned.

I think this calls for a poll, and a chance to see if any females actually visit the site. I'm guessing no, but what the hell...

P.S. It would be really interesting to have this guy go to a nude beach, throw on a pair of sunglasses with a little camera attached, unleash the monster, and see the looks he gets.

#2 P.S.(Hopefully the ladies don't see this before answering the poll question) This guy has to have a problem taking a shit, right? That thing has to go diving for a swim in the pool.

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